Evaluation of the year 2021 by the founder of the ryu, soke István Kelemen 10th dan

Dear JuJitsukas, my Friends,

We’ve arrived again at the date when we usually evaluate the previous period, the past year.
It should be the obligation of the writer of the present lines - who, by the grace (or cruelty) of “the Almighty” is the founder of the Ryu, and, in addition, its PRESIDENT – to write, here and now, something very-very wise.
When I started to type this message into my computer, I already knew that I will not succeed. The reason is known to everybody: COVID!
Life was fundamentally shattered by the virus. It did not spare the Hungarian Ju-Jitsu Association either. I am thinking of developing some anti-virus technical repertoire to be included in the syllabus.
After this bad joke, the essence is the following. I am very happy that I did not receive any news about a serious tragedy concerning our ranks. Everybody is still here!
I think this is the most important thing at the moment. It is secondary that our instructors face very serious difficulties to keep their dojos functioning.
It is tertiary whether in this situation we are able to perform our exams at the level that is required in a ryu with a past of four decades.
We could meet each other in a training camp of good spirit and very high quality. I believe that we will see each other soon in the course of our Winter Camp.


Dear JuJitsukas!

Your responsibility is at least as great as your masters’ in getting through these not-so-easy times. As you have the smallest opportunity to participate in the training sessions, go fight against your laziness and doubts. Your 2022 program is: DIRECTION: DOJO!
Keep in contact with each other in every forum at your disposal! I wish a virus-free happy new year to all of us! I wish you good health, endurance and good luck!
I wish you many many training sessions and joy in ju-jitsu for 2022! To learn, to cultivate JU-JITSU is one of the best things on Earth! Do not deprive yourselves of it.
And do not deprive our community, the other jujitsukas of your company!
I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year full of joy and ju-jitsu!


OSU! soke István Kelemen 10th dan

23rd December 2021, Budapest