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Ju Jitsu    -    the wonderful Ju Jitsu

The wonderful Ju Jitsu

This marvelous thing –the ju jitsu- has been lived for hundreds of years. It is a gift from Gods for the people. This obvious fact appears also when you practice ju jitsu your thread of life is going to be longer not shorter - like in other case. Exercising ju jitsu is an act what the gods like.
In every age there are people who realized and evaluated this gift, so they saved and enriched for the future generations. The nicest and most useful heritage what we can leave for the successors is the ju jitsu itself. For us who deal with it it is a duty to practice, save and transmitted according to our best knowledge! There are some people who are especially receptive and selected, they can accept the message, techniques and mentality directly and found ju jitsu schools. And we, the others can learn from them!
Ju jitsu is being learned during the whole life. Maybe it is started in childhood or later, but it is never too late! If you do it in the right place, ju jitsu will catch and enchant you. Perhaps during your life you are forced to suspend the process for a shorter-longer period, but you will come back and continue it. Because JU JITSU is around you, helps and supports in your life. Ju jitsu is the life itself. Who can identify with it, spend enough time to know it and do it consciously and regularly, live through its own ju jitsu that feels this help and supporting in every field of life.
You learn ju jitsu for a lifetime. It helps you during the whole life. But it is a huge responsibility. It can not be taken lightly, done loosely. Our life is too short to learn wrong ju jitsu! It is our duty to us, partners and our successors to practice ju jitsu according to our best knowledge in the best place! We can not explain better than Ferenc Kazincy did:
"Make good and make well! This is the big secret."
You learn ju jitsu for a lifetime. There are two kind of ju jitsu: good and bad. Which one you would like to learn for a lifetime? It's obviously that the good one. I mean the good one in a good way exactly. Both are equally important and both are depend on you, how you choose school (good) and how you practice (well). The main message of the Hungarian Ju Jitsu Association in the last 30 vears is to giving the GOOD to you! That's why we trained and worked a lot. Our work is lead on by lots of sweat, blood and tears what fell into tatami but they are sanctified it also.
There is no easier way! The way can not be shortened! Certainly you hear it many times. It means that without work (incredibly much work) there isn't success. For many people one goal is floating before theirs eyes. It can be the black belt, or overpowering Joseph! They would like to reach a certain state one day (goal) and undertake the process leading there (way) even if it is full of pain. But they realize during this WAY that the goal is the WAY itself! They change but this is the substance of learning ju jitsu! The substance is the changing, becoming better and finding harmony! The harmony in us and the harmony with our surroundings.
If in that dojo doesn't present the way, there is no harmony in there, and you don't see progression in forward-goers, then that place is not a dojo, it is not for you! That is something else, a business or a power game, or something even worse (perhaps a miserable attempt of a "hero" from a reality show who wants to be more famous in this way). The dojo literally means the place where we go our way.
Ju jitsu is being learned during the whole life. If you are demanding against yourself you do ju jitsu in the right place. Ju jitsu what was taught in a good place and good mode gives strength mentally and also physically. This is very rare like a white crow these days. Our Master and our Association's founder, soke István Kelemen said:
"Why should you do ju jitsu? To be like trees: be able to die standing up!"
During the training you must die and do it while standing! We can not promise nothing, nothing but blood, sweat and tears! There is no easier way! The way can not be shortened! In return we receive the life-long support and strength! (Not that this would be a business like "give something - I expect something in return"!) This is a gift from the Gods, for which, however, has to be done, and should be worth it!
Ju jitsu gives strength of character, if we learn well and good. Strength is in physical sense, straight spine, and endurance. Strength means the ability to always stand up, fighting without compromising. We learn that everyone is the blacksmith of his own destiny, if we want to change our lives, then we must change ourselves, we ourselves must change. On tatami you learn that all up to you. On tatami only count on yourself!
Ju jitsu gives strength of character, if we learn well and good. Strength is in moral sense and consistency. It means that we don't change our opinion because of daily real and virtual interests. We do not say the opposite what we said a few days earlier. We do not make clown from ourselves for the sake of some articles, applause, like, politics or even money. Ju jitsu is an example for hard work what is going on the same way and same direction for many years. Because only this has result. Those who rise for high from nowhere during days, months will disappear from the sky after a same amount of time.
Ju jitsu is martial arts of Japanese origin. Japanese name means gentle art. Gentle is in an evasive, non-direct meaning. It responds to a direct attack with a non-direct back attack. It gives solution, possibility for people in disadvantage situation for smaller. It gives a CHANCE to get out of the minor loss of physical, emotional conflict. Chance of further life. Chance for us and for the world to become better. Of course we have to work so hard and train. Well and good. Perhaps the smaller is the stronger. If it isn’t in physical then in mental.
Today it is trendy to figure out all sorts of ways what we can spoil and improve our body and soul with, try to make up for the lack of harmony. By wellness, new types of massages, spa, sweat forms, trainer systems etc. They do not need to re-discover, these are all have in ju jitsu! Do you want better foot massage then walking on the tatami every day? But there are also body massages are rolling in, falls, but the various forms of fighting, ground fighting (not thinking of punches, although it is not bad either.)
A good workout always clears up the skin, due to the intense sweating effect, and even the gi (training uniform) is taking away surplus from the skin increasing the regeneration also (we call attention to this aspect for businessman who develop new methods, this section is also not utilized totally!).
Nowadays "new" muscle building techniques appear which means that instead of the body building developed into plum shape muscles (thick central part of the muscle, compared to weak tendons and muscle adhesion) tubular muscles are developed, which guarantee real power and equally strong muscular system. Maybe we do not tell a secret if we tell in ju jitsu it has been always like this. Moreover naturally we work with "live weight" (with the partner) instead of "dead weights" (dumbbell), which is much more efficient, not artificial but realistic. (It is another tip for the "new methods" developers.)
Beside body also psyche is needed support as well. There have never been so many "stress deduction", "aggression management", single and group therapy, like it is nowadays. One thing is certain: there is no better stress deduction and aggressive treatment, then a man does the workout over and over again honestly with full power and meanwhile dies several times. He gives everything out of him, makes him body and soul naked.
Alienation, virtual and not real relationships, lack of true community are special problems today. Our goal has always been caring community, our new members will be members not just of the club but a community, a huge family. In the last few years it has been strengthened with the establishment of the Ryu. The community relations gradually extend to beyond the trainings, trips, meals and other commonly lived experiences. Of course, in case of problems, if it is useful we try to find a solution together. The Ryu keeps family together.
Of course, we do not claim that these roles only to be able to fill by ju jitsu. Ju jitsu gives for us motivation, strength, chance and the community. For others other martial art gives the same. Even we are confident that other martial arts practitioners - particularly those who practiced it continuously for several decades - argue and feel with the same faith and conviction by their own martial art. If it weren't so they can't go their way for a lifetime.
Ju jitsu is a gift from Gods for the people. It is our duty to preserve, develop and hand over to our descendants. Of course it's only worth doing well. We have to strictly separate the good and bad. It is our duty to show what is the good ju jitsu is, how to do it well, to learn and teach well. The good ju jitsu has to be handed over for future generations after us. Perhaps it is no overstatement to say this is the most important task for us in the future.
August 2011, Kecskemét                      shihan László Berkes 5th dan
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