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News    -    2011

Summary 2011
2011-12-27 00:00:00
This year began a positive news, the dojo in Angyalföld opened again and our
techical director shihan Attila Kovács educated regulary again. We renamed
this dojo, this is the Central dojo. New dojos were opened in
Hódmezővásárhely Movement Center in March, in Veszprém Ten-Shin-Kai Ju
Jitsu dojo in May, and our first dojo in Buda Római Part in September. 

The Movement Center dojo received tatami support of our new dojos, our
Association put 30 pieces brand new tatamis there, because our Tatami
Project increased in 2011. The number of outstanding tatamis slipped with an
incredible rate - thanks to the agreement of HEGYEM movement which was
bound last Autumn. During the three-year-history of this program, we put 20
pieces tatamis in 2009, 40 pieces tatamis in 2010, and 161 pieces tatamis
put in our dojos. The program has important role in the development of
professional work and the increase the number of the Association's members. 

It was the first exam in Veszprém Ten-Shin-Kai Ju Jitsu dojo opened this year

This year we had other assets developements too, after 2004 and 2008 new training tools were put into our dojos shields, gloves, bags and other training assets in one million forints amount. Soke István Kelemen educated the commands in the newly installed TAC (Terror Averting Centre). The Kelemen Ryu Ju Jitsu became the integral part of the training, the master and our ju jitsu is the most suitable for this task, and they have no other way to learnt technics and methods from him.

soke István Kelemen is educating Kelemen Ryu Ju Jitsu in the Terror Averting Centre

Our traditional events were held in the usual place and time. Soke István Kelemen and shihan Attila Kovács held the trainings in the last Saturday of February and September in our instructors meetings. Our Summer Camp were organized in the usual place in Balatonfenyves, where we held dan and kyu exams again, there were camp opening bacon roasting, Forum and Golden Kettle cooking competition. We closed the camp with mini Budo Gala, banquet and karaoke party. The dan college of our Association increased with two persons, Lajos Tálos took a successfull 1st dan exam and János Horváth received his master degree here. We were glad for the successfull 2nd and 3rd dan exams too: sensei dr.Ferenc Földházi became 2nd and sensei Kristóf Plébán J. became 3rd dan masters of our Association. Soke István Kelemen raised more disciples who worked hard for the Association since decades: sensei József Kluka became 5th dan and shihan, sensei István Ónodi, sensei Miklós Kollerits and sensei Károly Seres were raised 4th dan degree, sensei Gábor Várkonyi and sensei Gábor Csicsmann were raised 3rd dan degree. In addition to, our Founder Master awarded a diploma and a cup to sensei István Ónodi for the junior education.

soke István Kelemen is raising sensei István Ónodi to 4th dan degree

Our clubs thanked the care with sending a lots of well prepared disciples to our three national exam days. There were 27 examiners for blue and brown belt degree. Réka Kisistók, József Antal, Csaba Balogh, Krisztián Petrucz, Zoltán Sáfár, Roland Vincze took 3rd kyu (blue belt) exam successfully from Szui Ryú dojo (six persons!), dr.Réka Nemes, Péter Makula, István Márta and dr.Csaba Tóth from DRSE dojo Debrecen, Péter Ambrus from Kiskunhalas dojo, Kornél Horváth from Bushido dojo Kaposvár, Róbert Fekete from Bányai dojo in Kecskemét, Imre Draskovics from Szentendre dojo. András and Zoltán Márton took successfull 2nd kyu (brown belt) exam from Főnix dojo, József Sáfár from Hatvan dojo, Dénes Csányi from Kiskunhalas dojo, Ildiko Kubosi from Sakura Kyokai dojo in Debrecen, Tamás Takács from Szui Ryú dojo. Róbert Döngölő from Soproni dojo took successful 1st kyu (brown belt with black stripe) exam, dr. Dávid Szilágyi from Főnix dojo, Gábor Hiripi and Attila Kertész from Sityu-Team dojo. Their situation are special, because they received brown belt degree in other organization before, they took exam for every degree here without latency from white belt András and Zoltán Márton from Főnix dojo, so they took successful exams for two degrees this year! Unfortunetally one exam was broken off because of sick, but it will be another chance to take it on the next exam day.

Dávid Szilágyi is taking 1st kyu degree exam, his uke is András Márton

The subsequent grade of our coach training was terminated, five people received official state diploma this year: sensei Borbála Kluka, sensei Éva Daru, sensei dr. Ferenc Földházi, sensei Gábor Kovács and Zsolt Herle. The coach training was new place, shihan József Kálóczi held course for the instructors in Siófok. We hope that both the coach training and the training in Siófok will continue. We would have liked to establish a Trade Association this year after the announcing of the new Sport law. The announcing of this law unfortunately was postponted so the establish of the Trade Association too. We will continue our seminars in every topics: we received the white belt yellow sripe (6th kyu) and yellow belt (5th kyu) material seminar of shihan Attila Kovács. The fighting seminar of Sensei Sándor Lóki we got insight to the fighting system of kyokushin and Viktor Halmi let us into the basic of MMA fight. Sensei Gábor Csicsmann held seminar about the right throwings sensei Sándor Fekete about the ground fighting.

shihan Attila Kovács is educating the 6th kyu in the belt theme seminary

At the end of the year our Founder Master soke István Kelemen accepted some invitation from the dojo's and participated in a conversation or led a training in Orosháza, Szentendre, Kecskemét and Győr. It is not surprisingly that the media kept tabs on our Association in the last Jubilee year. There were some reports about us this year too, especially on Web. This is also due to our activity was intensify this year on Internet. More than ten clubs have homepage, they are constantly updated with news and opinions. We are on the Facebook too, the number of our likes were 400 in Christmas. More writings of soke István Kelemen were published in our Association's homepage. Other homepages wrote about the Master too, we refered to the writing of the Népszabadság and the Napimaflás blog here in our homepage too.

Népszabadság wrote about soke István Kelemen with The school founder title

Unfortunately there was a sad event in this year, sensei Tibor Takács died in March, he was our instructor and dojo leader in Debrecen. Our Association was his funeral, we supported the family as well. We showed that Tibike was very important to us. Soke István Kelemen speeched at his grave, he raised Tibike to 2nd dan degree we put his new black belt into the grave.

soke István Kelemen is biding farewell to Tibike

The last year was very outstanding in the developement of Ryu. Our new logo system which was entered that time was extended, because we had produced the new logos and they were passed to everybody. The new logo was put to another documents too, it was on the new diplomas and the Budo Pass. We welcomed the founder masters of Ryu in November again. sensei Károly Seres the captain of our Assiciation visited soke Kozo Kuniba and shike Giacomo Spartaco Bertoletti masters in Arad in the name of our Association and carried the gifts of soke Kelemen István. Soke Kozo Kuniba became the honorary master of our Association.

soke Kuniba Kozo and sensei Károly Seres with honorary black belt

Our traditional national competitions continued. István Ónodi held three Jitsu Fight competition. The Hírös Cup in Spring and the Kecskemét Cup competition in Autumn attracted a lots of visitors. We arrange competition in Monorierdő and Hatvan again. Although the Ground fighting competition was cancelled this year, we would like to held it next year. Our competitors started competitions which were arranged by another associations and they increased the reputation of the Association and Ryu. We managed to achieved outstanding results in international comparison. Sensei Sándor Fekete became European Champion in his weight group and Absolute from Hírös dojo at the end of January in Lisszabon in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu European Championship. sensei József Cseri became Kempo European Cup winner in two events in February in Kempo European Cup from the Orgovány dojo. Hungary held the Fila Grappling Word Championship in November for the Cadets, Juniors and Veterans. Hungary gave more than ten World Champions, three of them are the members of our Association.: Bettina Seprenyi from Monorierdő dojo, Dávid Rácz from Orosházi dojo, Kristóf Szűcs from Hírös dojo. Congratulations and thank you!

sensei Sándor Fekete is in the site of the EC with gold medal around his neck