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News    -    2011

2011-01-31 00:00:00
The 25-year-old Hungarian Ju Jitsu Association announces new members.
If you like challenges, want to know your limits and one of the oldest
Japanese origins martial art as well, join a tough team, you should check in
one of our 28 dojos.

Our leaflet

Our instructors are waiting for the new members with great joy and all the experiences of the 25 years. Professionalism is guaranteed by the founder of our association and leader of our school, soke István Kelemen.

Soke István Kelemen teaches in the Jubilee Summer Camp

Kelemen Ryu (its full name is Hangari Ju Jitsu Kelemen Ryu) was registered as an independent school in Japan. The official registration was handled by the president of WJJKO shike Giacomo Spartaco Bertoletti and controlled by soke Kozo Kuniba who is the leader of Nihon Bu-Do Kuniba Kai International. That long time job what soke István Kelemen and his students do in Hungary was appreciated in the highest level with this registration.

Our instructors in a course in 2009 December

This admission is very important in our life, because we have Honbu dojo again in a new place where the Technical Director of Hungarian Ju Jitsu Association, shihan Attila Kovács 6th dan master teaches. He is the first student of the Founder.

Shihan Attila Kovács teaches in the Jubilee Summer Camp

Every enquirer is highly welcome!