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News    -    2011

Shihan László Berkes in the Movement Centre dojo in Hódmezővásárhely
2011-12-10 22:00:00

The participants of the training

The president of our Association sensei Sándor Füvesi invited him to the Movement Centre in Hódmezővásárhely on 10th December. This dojo was established last year by Andrea Marton and Peter Galisz, they invested to it lots of work and money. There are judo, bjj, aerobic and grappling trainings besides ju jitsu in the dojo.

The trainings are on 60m2 tatamis in the dojo

The dojo was designed in an old building which functioned as a library before. The outside of the building remained the same, but the inside was managed to renewed. There are two rooms in the ground floor, ju jitsu trainings are held on 60 square meters tatami in the bigger one.

The dojo was established by Andrea Marton and Peter Galisz

The schedule of this dojo is very dense, there are more training in the same time at weekday evenings. This dojo is well equiped, airy, a great oppurtunity to learn ju jitsu. László Berkes tried to pass his thoughts of ju jitsu and supported by technics on Saturday morning on 10th December - which was honored by the presence of sensei Sándor Füvesi and sensei Márta Földházi. His uke was sensei Péter Galisz the leader of the dojo.

Explanation during the training

The local TV arrived during the training, the reporter and camera man of Vásárhelyi News. Boglárka Saja interviewed sensei Sándor Füvesi and shihan László Berkes too. The Vásárhelyi News reported about the training. The Vásárhelyi dojo has very good connection with the local media, that is why ju jitsu is very popular in Hódmezővásárhely.

The Vásárhelyi TV shot in the spot

We would like to thank the opportunity for sensei Sándor Füvesi, and we congratulate for the new dojo and wish a lot of energy and power for Andrea Marton and Peter Galisz to ran this dojo in a high level! The ju jitsu is very strong in Hódmezővásárhely, this dojo contributes for it.

Parrying of the kicking

The uke was sensei Péter Galisz


Here is the tableau at the end of the training