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News    -    2011

Soke István Kelemen in Kecskemét
2011-12-01 22:00:00
The president founder of our Association held a contracted training for the
members of Tatami Centrum. Lots of people met the master - who gave the name
of our Ryu - face to face for the first time. There were 50 disciples of 5
dojos, youths and olds were listening to our 9th dan master. The technics
and the explanation were very useful for us.   

Tableau with the members of Tatami Centrum

Before the training there were a photo taken about every disciples with the Master and the trainers of Tatami Centrum. This picture will be put to the 2012 wall calendar, which will be given for everybody. The member of Tápiószele, Orgovány, Hetény, Hírős and Bányai dojo will receive it.

Tableau with the participants of the training

We took a tableau, and after the warming up our Master talked about the possible solution of self defense and he confirmed it with showing technics. The ages of the participants were different, from the age of 5 to 50, but soke István Kelemen found the common voice with everybody, the explanation was different for the youngs and adults.

Our founder master is explaining...

Everyone strengthened the faith of that martial arts were learnt in the best place and it strengthened us that we will have to train more and harder in the future! We would like to thank soke István Kelemen the training and his visiting us and we wish him a lot of success and health for his further work!

..and demonstrating with technincs the efficiency and characteristics of Ryu

Masters and belts

It is a possible technique in this situation

Ju Jitsu = gentle arts

Soke István Kelemen and the instructors of Tatami Centrum

Our passion is the Ju Jitsu

The report of Tatami Centrum. (hungarian)