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News    -    2011

Honorary black belt of Soke Kozo Kuniba
2011-11-26 23:00:00
Master George Chivaran and his organization arranged a Martial Arts Festival
in Arad. On this occasion he invited soke Kozo Kuniba and shike Giacomo
Spartaco Bertoletti masters also. Our Association was represented by coach
sensei Károly Seres. He gave presents for the masters and also gave a letter
of soke István Kelemen over to soke Kozo Kuniba who got the honorary black
belt of our Association.

Certificate of honorary black belt

In 2009 and 2010 a process was being continued in Japan during which an independent Ryu was registered as Hangari Ju Jitsu Kelemen Ryu. This Ryu works according to that ju jitsu what is worked out by Istán Kelemen, Two main participants of this process were shike Giacomo Spartaco Bertoletti and soke Kozo Kuniba.

George Chivaran, shike GS. Bertoletti, soke Kozo Kuniba, sensei Károly Seres

Shike Bertoletti was the connecting link between our Association and the organization of soke Kozo Kuniba. He reported and proved that three decades work what the association and our master did for developing the Hungarian ju jitsu. Soke Kozo Kuniba visited us in 2010, at our 25-year anniversary, he could realize the high quality level of ju jitsu here. After that Ryu was registered, and István Kelemen got the 9th dan level and the title of soke.

István Kelemen is getting the 9th dan level from soke Kozo Kuniba in 2010

During the process of registration Ryu is got its own calligraphy, the YUH symbol which is the logo of Kelemen Ryu, nobody else can use it. Certainly all of our emblems contain this sign, founding Ryu and creating YUH symbol we install a new system of emblems.

Particular logo of Kelemen Ryu, the YUH symbol

Masters were in Arad on 26th November because of the invitation of sensei George Chivaran. Certainly we paid our duty to them, our deputy was coach sensei Károly Seres 4th dan. He took the gifts of Association, and also used the occasion to meet with soke Kozo Kuniba. This is the first time he is in Europe near Hungary since his last year visit.

Honorary black belt of the Association

Soke Kozo Kuniba became the master of honorary black belt of the Association and Kelemen Ryu. He got the certificate of it and certainly the black belt also. We sent several sets of the new emblems, he is satisfied a lot to know that we keep the YUH symbol so highly, we show it in our every presentations.

Soke Kozo Kuniba gives traditional Japanese best wishes

Master sent traditional Japanese best wishes to soke István Kelemen.
We would like to thank to masters shike Giacomo Spartaco Bertoletti and soke Kozo Kuniba all the unique and irreplaceable assistance that they gave during foundation of Kelemen Ryu. We wish them lots of success in their further work and good health!

Emblems of the Kelemen Ryu with the YUH symbol