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News    -    2011

New Year/s Eve in the Movement Centre!
2011-11-23 00:00:00

Dear Trainer Partners and Friends! We opened our training room in a ceremonial way on 17th March in 2011, which was inaugurate by blood and sweat, but not with an enormous party! :-) The coming New Year's Eve will be an excellent occasion for it, and we thought that we will enter into the next year with you by cooking something in kettle, karaoke and lots of fun! We would like to cook catfish and beef in paprika sauce with fine home-made brandy and with real Hungarian habit! :-) Our program will be favoured by the presence of prominent people and they will shine their knowledge without tatami: our friend Sándor Fekete is famous for cooking in kettle and we are sure that it will be feast for the gods! In order to everyone will be able to show their secrect dance knowledge in the linoleum as Travolta, we can count maximum 70 persons. If someone comes from far, and give up the fight finally, she/he will recall the beautiful old days - Budapest Tüzér street - and will sleep in the tatami! We would like to ask you to sign Andi Márton if you would like to attend this party for the fluent organize. Her e-mail address is: marton.andrea [at] evp.hu! The cost according to our calculation will be 3.000 HUF /person from 18.00 o'clock until next morning. It incules all the meals and drinks you will consume! :-) If someone doesn't like the meals we mentioned, she/he will choose a sandwich, French salad or midnight sausage too. Please send us 1.500 HUF deposit for the sign of your commitment until 1st of December 2011. We are waiting for your remarks, brainstorms for making this night colorfull, please don't moderate yourself! :-) If it is a madness we will do it! :-)