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News    -    2011

Sándor Fekete is Double Brazilian Jiu Jitsu European Champion
2011-01-28 22:00:00
Sensei Sándor Fekete who is a 1st dan master of our Association participated
in Open European Championship what was organized by the International
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation.  The competition was in Lisbon, Portugal
from 27th January till 30th.

This article is illustrated by photos of Anett Fodorné Elek (www.anettfoto.hu)

More than a thousand competitors entered with almost 2000 signs. The fights are running through four days on eights tatamis. Hungary is represented by 17 people in two teams. -Competitors of Gracie Barra Hungary: Tereza Souza, György Bence, Claudio Roberto, Pál László Gehér, Balázs Posta, Sándor Fekete, Richárd Vida, Péter Kulics, Imre Horváth, Levente Varga, Gábor Molnár és Zoltán Durkó. -Competitors of Carlson Gracie Hungary Revolution Team: Ákos Veress, Balázs Nagy, János Fehér, Péter Vilcsek, Gábor Fodor. On the first two days four people get bronze medals: Pál László Gehér, Gyögy Bence, Richárd Vida és Péter Kulics, Claudio Roberto gets silver medal. Sándor Fekete gets two gold medals. In category of Blue Senior 1 Masculino Pesado were seven competitors; in category of Blue Senior 1 Masculino Absoluto were 37 competitors. Sanyi found no conqueror! Congratulations! Till this time Hungarian competitor could not have duplicated, Sanyi is the first one. On the other day János Fehér also gets two medals. The Hungarians is doing well, this is the sixth time when they entered this competition and probably it will be the most efficient. Sanyi became two-time World Champion in FILA-Grappling Veteran World Championship in Dakovo, Croatia in August. He won Gi and NoGi events also. These are the results of the Hungarian team in the European Championship in 2011: Gold Medals: Sándor Fekete BLUE BELT SENIOR 1 HEAVY Sándor Fekete BLUE BELT SENIOR 1 OPEN CLASS Péter Vilcsek PURPLE BELT SENIOR 1 LIGHT FEATHER János Fehér PURPLE BELT SENIOR 1 ULTRA HEAVY János Fehér PURPLE BELT SENIOR 1 OPEN CLASS Silver Medals: Claudio Roberto BLUE BELT MASTER LIGHT FEATHER Bronze Medals: Pál László Gehér WHITE BELT SENIOR 1 MEDIUM HEAVY Teresa Souza BLUE FEMALE MIDDLE György Bence BLUE BELT ADULT SUPER HEAVY Richárd Vida BLUE BELT SENIOR 1 SUPER HEAVY Péter Kulics BLUE BELT SENIOR 2 MIDDLE Imre Horváth PURPLE BELT MASTER MEDIUM HEAVY Gábor Molnár PURPLE BELT SENIOR 1 OPEN CLASS Zoltán Durkó PURPLE BELT SENIOR 2 MIDDLE Congratulations!