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News    -    2011

The Hike of Sakura Kyokai dojo
2011-11-01 00:00:00
The Sakura Kyokai dojo of Debrecen regulary go to team builder hiking, the
last was in Bózsva at the end of October. Sensei Béla Kubinyi is very
consequent both the professional developement and the team building.
You can read his report henceforward:    

'We were at our Autumn team builder hiking in the Zemplén Mountain in Bózsva on 28-29-30th October. We hiked about 20 kilometers in the colorful Autumn forest on Saturday. We found a pleasant small forest housing during our hiking where we red out and discussed our 9th dan master Soke István Kelemen's the Hungary Ju Jitsu Kelemen Ryu in the eyes of the founder - it is the title of his writing. After the hike our team felt like playing football. We heated next to the blazing fire and roasted bacon in the evening. We tired very affably. I think we spent these two days satisfactorily youngs and olds together.'