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News    -    2011

The Belt Degrees of Kids were Extended
2011-11-16 00:00:00
The presidency of the Hungarian Ju Jitsu Association accepted the expansion
of the Kid's belt degrees in its last session. In the future orange strip
will be given to white belt, and beside every striped degree two strips are
possible to give.

The six kid belt degrees were the next till now: 1. orange belt, 2. orange belt with violet strip, 3. violet belt, 4. violet belt with grey strip, 5. grey belt, 6. grey belt with white strip. We entered this system in 1998, the viewpoint of the colour selection was what kind of colours belt you could buy, but it was not similar to the adults belt degrees (yellow, green, blue, brown). Our really young members usually take exam for these degrees in their age of 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. Our instructors took into consideration it, because our members take exam for adults degree only from 13 years old. So the first kid degree (after the white belt) was the orange belt till now. It will be possible to give orange strip before that in the future for example before 7 years old kid. Two striped version can follow after the striped degrees (there were three until now, the conjugate degrees). It applies to the new orange strip degree too. So in the new system degrees can be given before six and seven years old kids, and two exams (or grant) are possible to take in one year, it is the right of the dojo leader instuctor. The new extended kids degree system are: white belt, white belt with orange strip, white belt with two orange strips, orange belt, orange belt with violet strip, orange belt with 2 violet strips, violet belt, violet belt with grey strip, violet belt with two grey strips, grey belt, grey belt with white strip, grey belt with two white strips. It is true henceforward, that it is not compulsory to take exam for every degree, the instructor can send his/her kids to any following degrees exam. According to our hope these entered changes will help the motivation, and it will permit of the feedback about the development better than in the past and it will extend the instructor's possibilities to lead their small disciples way in ju jitsu.