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News    -    2011

Hangari Ju Jitsu Kelemen Ryu- in view of the founder
2011-10-23 00:00:00
The Presidency of Hungarian Ju Jitsu Association accepted the decision of
being formed formally the Hangari Ju Jitsu Kelemen Ryu in 2009.
A process is starting which in the end the new Ryu is registrated in Japan,
evaluating of three decades foundation job of our master István Kelemen got
the 9th dan level and soke title.
Here below you can read soke István Kelemen's lines.

soke István Kelemen

Hangari Ju Jitsu Kelemen Ryu- through the eyes of the founder
Even the name is frightening for me. Giving my own name to something? (It has a personality cult of taste a little bit.) In the meaning of the decision of Presidency Ryu got this name because we are the most protected in this way from those ju jitsu people who are swindlers and frighteningly weak. (K, Sz, or V can not say that he is Kelemen...) Registrating our Ryu in Japan was intended to recognize clearly of the work of the past decades. Human nature is such that hard to bear what is better than itself and the ego is working while it begins to destroy the higher. Hungarian Ju Jitsu Association is protected from this malice prepense what is absolutely opposite our goals by the own Ryu. To be more clearly: we got rid of the influence attempts which were working on destroying our virtues at full blast and represented it as help or teaching.

soke István Kelemen and shihan Attila Kovács

So what is this Ryu? It is not created by itself from nothing and not an unprecedented school. (Its history can be read in the Jubilee Album too.) I worked on establishing such a system what includes a lot of essential virtues. SO IT IS A LONG AND VERY HARD WAY! Just a few can walk on it! It contains the practical mixture of hardness and softness in a correct proportion. It requires and also gives a high level of morals and ethics. Its technical toolbars contain the full scale of fighting with tools and unarmed fighting. Its material movement, vision can not be questioned aesthetically. (The perfect implementation, the movement of 'art' technology in good physical and mental strength coupled with certain works.) Kelemen Ryu is not a fighting system of weight categories! The organization which holds together its members, studying ju jitsukas, masters during a lifetime, how you recognized when you joined to it. It doesn't look for new ideas and new 'gods' because it knows from its experiences that way dives to the goal and not a dead end. Continuity appears in it too. To know exactly that someone learnt from whom and who is whose student, so basically everybody is my student also. We could develop but these changes don't risk the original one. You can identify the original idea. (It can be an analogy: you can recognize the Masters' faces but there are several decades of grooves on them. It is not an aesthetic question but an ethical one, I mean it in a spiritual, practical way.)

YUH symbol what is individual signal of Kelemen Ryu

Ryu has poise, spine. In the age of value crisis besides the technical set what is fit for the biggest challenges, faith, loyalty, camaraderie and bravery are available in our every ju jitsu member who comes with us in our way. - The unity and harmony of spirit and body is the one of the aims of martial arts - says the public places including sheets. It is an everyday experience of the followers of Kelemen Ryu! There is no shortened way at us! We do not believe in abridged martial arts, where led to believe the applicant on that there is shortened way by extremely simplifying deemed practical techniques. (You can not learn to play violin within a few hours. Any language can not be mastered in a few days' training course. Still can not even drive a car safely a few hours after training.) Who and what conclude that in martial arts there is possibility of leaving 'blood and sweat'? Our school can not turn to fad, not deviate off the ROAD which is certainly ragged.

István Kelemen gets the title of soke

Looking its technique Kelemen Ryu is clearly recognizable separated from other 'ju jitsu' schools. It is because precision is extremely required and motion is perfected by the smallest details. The high level of physical and fitness status of the students excels from the other 'similar' schools. (It is well-known that a kyu exam can be called 'little death' and a dan exam can be called 'high death' at our.)

soke Kozo Kuniba is giving degree to István Kelemen

The name of ju jitsu is trying to be monopolized and discredited by many people. Those nobodies who appears from nowhere in the celebrity world. Impostors sell anything decorated with all kind of papers and accessories. Little girls disguised as men teach the fight by given a high sounding name to what they are doing. Kelemen Ryu is clear for more than three decades and is like a water of pure creek. There isn't any chaotic, dirty or messy thing in it. It creates value and did it all time, and takes on contest anywhere. Samurai spirit doesn't move in us by tying a sword. (Moreover we were born as Hungarian so in this case we have to be 'samurai' on basic our forward traditional and values.) For me the Spartans is a perfect example, however it is also not local... I do not change home, values, faith. Similarly I do not change Ryu! I am lost without virtue of loyalty and strength. Martial arts of Kelemen Ryu teach me that the progress of your life is inversely proportional to the size of your ego. Sport is growing ego because without it (motivation) you can not be successful. 'I don't know who you are but you are standing in my place at the top of the stage!' A sportsman knows that when, against whom and according to which rules will be fighting and prepares for it based on a suitable schedule (training plan). Its preparation is successful when in the appointed period he is in top form. In martial arts it is impossibility because nobody can be in top form through 365 days as well as we don't know the rules of fights in advance. Certainly we arrive to the exams in top form but we try to keep ourselves state a little bit under our own maximum over the year or years. (If it is possible for decades!)

soke István Kelemen gets the level of 9th dan

Lack of gold medal we can't keep our ego well-fed. We are working on understanding the life and being even if we don't say it, because Kelemen Ryu Ju Jitsu is nothing else than meditation in motion. This is the only way for a fighter to walking on! Material movement related to each other like a gear it is not only a technical set but also a thinking way. The full of Syllabus can be worked off by one technique! Any technique can be replaced so the system will be perfect in this way and it is perfect for a warrior. (At least it should be the direction of ambition.)

Degree of 9th dan

Falling to pieces before our eyes, but even better 'proliferating' well-known and traditional schools. In addition to this sad fact our association is consistent and disciplined, despite of our system of requirements doesn’t become permissive a little. Master exams are still challenging by showing more hundreds of syllabus techniques in full contact, form practices with guns and in traditional way, breaking and physical tests and also by doing required struggles not against 'virtually' opponents. Our masters' efficiency can be measured by on students. We learn Ryu to teach it!

soke Kelemen István

It is up to dojo's masters what they teach and in what proportion. (I do not mean the 'required' syllabus.) The way leading to main virtues and theirs perfection is mostly person-dependent. Strength, courage, loyalty, endurance, precision, spirituality, fighting spirit and will and meditation skills, etc. is all necessary and developed in this 'family' in our Ryu what was registered in Japan as first independent Hungarian school under the name Hangari Ju Jitsu Kelemen Ryu. Saving it is the prime duty for every ju jitsukas! OSU!soke István Kelemen 9th dan