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News    -    2011

Ten-Shin-Kai Ju Jitsu Dojo Veszprém
2011-09-30 00:00:00
The dojo of our Hungarian Association in Veszprém founded in May 2011. 
The dojo leader is Lajos Tálos 1st dan. 
Ju Jitsu trainings are held in Pannon University of Physical Education
Department's gym on Mondays between 17:00-18:30, Fridays between 19:00-20.30. 

Here is the first tableau

The meaning of Ten-Shin-Kai is: The unit of Heavenly Thought. The Ju Jitsu connected only to Aikido dojo before. The aikido and Ju Jitsu trainings are held independently, irrespectively of each other, however we organize a lot of common programme. For example: team builder weekends, shows, Summer camps etc.

Common picture with Adrián Ritteródesz aikikai 2nd dan

The Ten-Shin-Kai camp was held in Hévíz-Alsópáhok in the Summer of 2011. There were Ju Jitsu trainings beside the aikido training.

Discipline and attention

Slam with elbow straining

We received invitation for the gala called BUDO ZALA, which were organized at the same time of the Summer camp also in Alsópáhok.

Offensive scissors-was performed by Lajos Tálos

We held an open air show in the E.ON Family Day in Csesznek. We invited dr. Dávid Szilágyi to this show from Főnix dojo.

dr. Dániel Hancz and Gábor Tóth

Lever shoulder throwing with half knee

dr. Dávid Szilágyi and the one leg reaping

The headcount of the trainings have been increasing constantly. The homepage is ready. The content has been flaring continually. www.tenshinkai.hu

Rendering at the ju jitsu training of Ten-Shin-Kai dojo