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News    -    2011

Kelemen Ryu is in the Counter Terrorism Centre
2011-10-02 00:00:00
It is the first occasion, that the public get information about the work in
the Counter Terrorism Centre (CTC), so they received information about the
education of soke István Kelemen. Although the education haven't started now,
we have never reported about it until now. 

Kelemen Ryu is in the Alerting Magazine of HírTv

The Alerting Magazine of HírTv prepared a report film about the CTC in 30th September. They show the traings which were held here and they reported about the ju jitsu trainings. János Hajdú the brigadier and the director of Counter Terrorism Centre declared several times.

The director declared in the report several times

The CTC is responsible of the checking of our country's terror threaten, and the safety of the republican president and prime minister, the exploration of kidnapping and the catch of the armed offender.

He payed his duty to our Jubilee Feast last year

The managing director has been knowing István Kelemen for decades, he already was at Madách square dojo, he was our main guest last year in our jubilee feast. He gave a dagger and a minister certificate because the occasion of the jubilee.

János Hajdú and István Kelemen

The connection went on, the result was for this, as the conditions (training room, tatami)came into existence in the Counter Terrorism Centre, the ju jitsu education was started. The CTC organized last September, the regular trainings began from this Spring.

István Kelemen is declaring for HírTV

The trainings were leaded by soke István Kelemen, his helpmates are shihan Attila Kovács, sensei István Ónodi and sensei Tibor Páll. The ju jitsu was invented originally by soldiers to soldiers, it is very suitable for the CTC's commandos.

Restriction by the hand retraction

We can see soke István Kelemen's parrying of knife pricking, as the report said 'he educated the neutralization and handcuff of knife edges'.

It was invented by soldiers to soldiers

The film showed that Kelemen master worked at national defence and the predecessor of CTC (we reported in our homepage before). The connection with the armed corps have been taking for decades, we wrote two pages about this topic in our Jubilee year-book.

That is what a warriors of a special formation need

The master told us in the report, that the current trainings prepared for the figh and scrum us: 'Here, what we educate in the CTC are the totality of the technics, which need for warriors created for a special task in XXI. century'
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Detail of the Ju Jitsu report film