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News    -    2011

News about the Life of our Dojos
2011-09-29 00:00:00
The ju jitsu education begun with the leadership of sensei Borbála Kluka at
Római Part. We will mention this dojo soon in this homepage we will put into
the right side of this page amoung our training rooms. The Lónyay dojo was
closed that is why the number of our training rooms remain the same. 

Our dojo in Sopron has homepage: http://jujitsusopron.wordpress.com

The homepage of our dojo in Győr now is under construction, we will
introduce it soon. 

The tableau of Sopron dojo

Sopron dojo's website is the 16th of our dojos websites The homepage of Főnix Ju Jitsu dojo:http:http://www.fonixjujitsu.hu The homepage of Sityu-Team dojo: http://www.jujitsu-lagymanyos.hu The homepage of Szui Ryú dojo: http://www.jitsu.hu The homepage of DRSE dojo: http://www.jujitsu.hu/DRSE/ The homepage of Sakura Kyokai dojo: http://www.ju-jitsu-debrecen.hu The homepage of Hatvani dojo: http://www.jujitsuhatvan.hu The homepage of Ju Jitsu Club in Hódmezővásárhely: http://www.hodjitsu.hu The homepage of Zanshin dojo: http://www.zanshinjujitsu.freei.me The homepage of Tatami Centrum: http://www.tatamicentrum.hu The homepage of Kiskunhalasi dojo: http://khalasijujitsu.gportal.hu/ The homepage of Monorierdő dojo: http://www.ijk-jujutsu.hu/ The homepage of Nyíregyházi dojo: http://www.jujitsu-nyh.fw.hu The homepage of Salgótarjáni dojo: http://www.jujitsusalgotarjan.hu The homepage of Soproni dojo: http://jujitsusopron.wordpress.com/ The homepage of Szentendrei dojo: http://www.szentendrejujitsu.hu The homepage of Ten-Shin-Kai dojo: http://www.tenshinkai.hu/

Training in the new Hírös dojo in Kecskemét

More of our dojos has moved. Sensei Sándor Fekete's group moved into a new place, from Hakkoda dojo to Hírös dojo. You can find it with this name at the right side amoung our training rooms. The Szui Ryú, the dojo in Hetény and the dojo in Győr moved into a new place, and they are in out database with their new address too.

The show of Győri dojo in the sport elector in ETO park

Our association's 161 pieces tatamis get to all of the 8 dojos in September, which help the professional work. Our program started in 2009, when we placed 20 pieces, then 40 pieces in 2010, then 161 pieces in this year. We received donation from Hegyem campaign, that why we were able to place these tatamis. We would like to thank them. The next dojos got tatami this year: Nyíregyházi dojo 10 pcs Zanshin dojo 10 pcs Nagykanizsai dojo 11 pcs Salgótarjáni dojo 20 pcs Kék Farkas dojo 20 pcs Hatvani dojo 20 pcs Hódmezővásárhelyi + Movement Centre dojo 30 pcs Szui Ryú dojo 40 pcs

Sensei Gábor Csicsmann is jumping above the disciples

There was sport elector in Győr and Hódmezővásárhely, where our dojos had show. It has a tradition in Hódmezővásárhely for several years, the student are transported by buses on Friday under the Town Hall's organization, then the children bring their parents on Saturday. The ju jitsu has big popularity here.

Sensei Sándor Füvesi with a young fighter in the sport elector

The Club of Hódmezővásárhely hold open-air trainings.

The participants of the open-air trainings of Hódmezővásárhely dojo

The Sakura Kyokai dojo has been a lots of show nowadays. We reported in our last news about the show they held in the shopping centre, then few days later they were at Budo Gala.

The members of Sakura dojo, they performed at AGTC Budo Gala

The professional work has been happening in our dojos, there were a lots of program except of the trainings, which increase our association's name.

Snapshot about the show

We will report about the trainings of our two new dojos - Ten-Shin-Kai in Veszprém and Római part dojo (the local dojo of Szentendre dojo)next time.

The poster of AGTC Budo Gala