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News    -    2011

The Show of Sakura Kyokai dojo
2011-09-25 20:00:00
The public and the organizers liked the last year show obviously, because they
invited sensei Béla Kubinyi and his disciples again to the Fórum shopping
centre in Debrecen, because there was the Day of Heart. More than twenty
people performed, it tooked about half an hour, it raised the reputation of
ju jitsu and Kelemen Ryu. 

Assembly at the beginning of the show

'We held our second show today. It was held in the Forum Shopping Centre, because of the Day of Heart. There were 25 people in this show. We got 30 minutes. We raised the reputation of ju jitsu, which we like it very much. More martial arts were show, but according to the feedback we were the best by the technical preparedness and the unitary appearance. The Kelemen Ryu proved again' - wrote sensei Béla Kubinyi in his report.

There were a lots of lookers-on around

The least also performed

Dr. Attila Papp and István Márta

The funny scene of Ildikó Kubosi and Wladimir Ruszlán

Sensei Béla Kubinyi and dr. Attila Papp

Fixing on the floor

So who is the odd one out?

The participants of the show