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News    -    2011

Assembly for Instructors
2011-09-24 20:00:00
Our present assembly was in the general place, at aTerem tatamis room, its
topic was the attributes of Kelemen Kyu, and its way of thinking, why it is
different from the other ju jitsu. soke István Kelemen held our morning
training, and shihan Attila Kovács in the afternoon. We watched in the mirror
of technics our Ryu's specialities during both trainings. 

The participant instructors

Soke István Kelemen said during the warm-up, what kind of criterias defined the Ryu which was developed by him.Then he demonstrated it through more technics. We will pan out about it soon.

The first and the most important

Our technical manager shihan Attila Kovács talked about his own thought in the afternoon training, what Kelemen Ryu means him, and he shared us the essential momentums.

It was the perfect execution of choking by forearm

Thirty instructors of seventeen dojos received motivation and thought at first hand from the technical leaders of Ryu. It helped us to see the system among the technics and the common features. Our next assembly will be at the end of February as usual.

It is important to lie him back

The techincs are connecting into each other

I may follow it in this way


There is an imprint on the tatami (image)

I think these are the most important specialities of Ryu