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News    -    2011

Two Brass Medals in the II.BM Karate Championship
2011-09-18 20:00:00
Our association was represented by Ildikó Kubosi (from sakura Kyokai dojo, she
is the disciplant of sensei Béla Kubinyi) and Péter Rozmaring (from Hatvan
dojo, he is the disciplant of Gábor Kovács) in the II.BM Karate Championship,
both of them received brass medal.'The Kelemen Ryu hold on everywhere'
Ildikó concluded the experienses. 

Here are the participants of this championship

It was the second BM Karate Championship in Hungary, which was organised by Police Captaincy of Hajdú-Bihar County! Ildikó started in the representation of this county, because she lives in Debrecen (she was alone from this county, it turned out) and Péter Rozmaring represented the Police Captaincy of Heves County.

Ildikó is in action I.

The Sport Centre of Oláh street in Debrecen gave home for this race on 17th September, it was Saturday. There were two events in the fight, WKF-karate and Low-kick full-contact. The previous was held on tatami, Ildikó started here, and the latter was held in ring, Péter started here.

Ildikó is in action II.

This race had more than 100 participants. The attendance and the result were prestige value, the Main Captaincies of the counties tried to start the best competitors. More renowned competitors started from the Centre of Terror Averting, Imre Török, Jenő Novák, Dénes Rácz, György Mihalik.

The brass medal was hung on her neck

There was not any other racer in Ildikó's age-group, so she fighted together with the youths and she held on exceedingly. She were in a group with brown and black belt karatekas, most of them had more decades racing past. Ildikó received brass medal with excellent racing, congratulations. By the way she got the award of the most effective racer from Hajdu-Bihar County. As we mentioned, she was alone from the county but the starting chance was available for everybody!

Award for the best racer from Hajdú-Bihar County

Peter Rozmaring started in Low-kick full-contact in +90 kgs weight group. He was fit for the race by sensei Gábor Kovács. He got a black eye during the preparation, if you see our previous news, thoughtfully, (Gábor was the main organizer of Rohács Norber remembrance race that is why he could not be there at the BM championship) you can see the black eye in the close picture.

Peter Rozmaring is next to the ring

So Peter started in the hardest event and most difficult weight group and he performed extremely well.He had to fight for getting into eight, but he won with trivial score. For getting into four, he reached technical KO in the first round.

Peter is in action ( we can see his back )

Getting into four is a serious feat of arms, there are big names here, so Peter fighted together with the world and European Kick-box champion, who is a tenfold Hungarian champion, the racer of TEK, Jenő Novák. The paper form predominated, so Peter lost, he received brass medal. Congratulations for the excellent achievement!

Peter is on the stage, with the brass medal on his neck

We reported with glad the successes of our association's member, and they fair pertinence. We would like to thank them and their trainers too, and we wish them good luck in the future too.

The pride of the Police Main Captaincy in Heves County and Hatvan dojo