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News    -    2011

II. Norbert Rohács Memorial Competition - report
2011-09-18 10:00:00
We remembered our sport mate who deceased last year in a worthy way with a
competition in Hatvan with eight clubs participated. Clubs started in two
events with fourty competitors and 64 entries. It was a practice competition
so there were round matches. There was a competitor who had seven matches.

Children put the medals decorated with Norbi

It was a touching moment on the opening ceremony when Adrienn Farkas Rohácsné holding her daughter in her arms remembered his husband, how he loved doing jitsu and how important the possibility of contest was for him.

Participates of the competition in the opening ceremony

The competition organized by Hatvan dojo, competition director was sensei Gábor Kovács who is the head of Hatvan dojo. Referee was sensei Sándor Fekete double Grappling World Champion, patron was shihan László Berkes. We took the competition in a practicing way in Grappling Gi and NoGi events. Our association was represented by Hatvan dojo, Főnix dojo, Monorierdő dojo, Orosházi Martial Arts Center and Tatami Centrum. Except these starters there were competitors from clubs of UTE wrestling, Gracie Barra Hungary and Gracie Barra Pit.

Rule explanation

At the beginning of the competition the participants were put in teams and everybody fighted with everybody beside these teams. The competition was in very good atmosphere, it was characterized by appreciation and respect, fair play and commemorating Norbi. Everybody got its match.

Dispositioning of the competitors

The competition was honored with presence of Norbi's family, Adrienn and Bíborka. Also traditional archers came, Norbi joined that club as well. The medals were given by Adrienn and she thanked the commemorating with these words after the competition: ' Dear Friends! I would like to thank you in my and my daughter Biborka's name that you showed such a fighting spirit, power, desperation and loving in this competition. It was a great joy to see that a lot of minor fighter came. For us every day is a struggle since fatal motor accident happened last year. But the respect how you keep Norbi's memory confirmed me that we have to step through the tragedy. Norbi is being and he is with us only in another form. I am sure that he is smiling for you with his special smile and loves you and he is also grateful. With respect and love: Adrienn Farkas Rohácsné and Bíborka Rohács'

Fighting of kids were controlled by Gábor Kovács

Gi results: Gi kids: I. Lóránt Badacsonyi II. Ferenc Molnár III.Nikolett Bajári Gi Youths I.: I. Dominik Dankó II. Gergő Varga III.Oliver Zsoldos Gi Youths II.: I. Márk Varga II. Bálint Sándor Valakovics III.Kristóf Varga Gi Youths III.: I. Tímea Thalmayer II. Bálint Farkas III.László Rácz Gi Youths IV: I. Donát Fehér II. Kitti Dobos

Figthing of juniors were supervised by Sándor Fekete

Gi results: (continuation) Gi Junior I.: I. Botond Pataki II. Botond Badacsonyi III.Márk Magócsi Gi Junior II.: I. Ákos Hornyák II. Viktória Badacsonyi III.Bálint Csákvári Gi Junior III.: I. Károly Szombati II. Roland Fehér III.András Bus IV. Bence Bakos V. Zoltán Perjés Gi Cadet: I. Gergő Kovács II.Attila Fekete Gi Adults I.: I. Tamás Buri II. Gergely Kovács III.Péter Garami Gi Adults II.: I. Dávid Rácz II. Mátyás Ember III.Róbert Bodnár III.Tamás Buri IV. Zsolt Herle IV. György Huszti

Medals were handed over by Adrienn Farkas Rohácsné

NoGi results: NoGi Kids: I. Lóránt Badacsonyi II.Ferenc Molnár NoGi Youths I.: I. Dominik Dankó II. Bálint Farkas III.Olivér Zsoldos IV. Gergő Varga NoGi Youths II.: I. Martin Szilágyi II. Kitti Dobos III.László Rácz IV. Tímea Thalmayer NoGi Junior I.: I. Botond Pataki II. Botond Badacsonyi III.Márk Magócsi

Participants of the competition

NoGi results: (continuation) NoGi Junior II.: I. Martin Szilágyi II. Szabolcs Kerekes III.Viktória Badacsonyi IV. Bálint Csákvári NoGi Junior III.: I. Károly Szombati II. Péter Borák III.Attila Baksa IV. Zoltán Perjés NoGi Adults I.: I. Balázs Csuka II. Attila Fekete III.Gergely Kovács NoGi Adults II.: I. Dávid Rácz II. Mátyás Ember III.Róbert Bodnár We congratulations the competitors, instructors and thank you for participation!

We commemorated Norbi together