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News    -    2011

Viktor Halmi s fighting seminary on 10th September
2011-09-03 00:00:00
Our series of fighting seminary is being continued. Viktor Halmi, an excellent
Hungarian MMA fighter and the head of Halmi Vale Tudo Team teaches again in
Bányai dojo on 10th September. We took attention to the importance of
preparation also in the Summer Camp and we will deal with it as well this year
on six seminars.

Viktor Halmi educates on 26th Marc in Bányai dojo

We have taken fighting seminars regularly for four years, sensei Sándor Füvesi 4th dan, sensei Sándor Lóki 2nd dan, sensei Sándor Fekete 1st Dan, members of our association educated there. Viktor Halmi, Max Carvalho, Gusztáv 'Cápa' Dietz, Gábor Fodor were invited to instructing.

Grappling technique

This spring and autumn and also in Summer camp we took fighting seminars 2 times: 26th March 2011 Saturday Bányai dojo Viktor Halmi 14th May 2011 Saturday Bányai dojo Sándor Lóki 6th July 2011 Wednesday Summer Camp Sándor Fekete 8th July 2011 Friday Summer Camp Sándor Lóki 10th September 2011 Saturday Bányai dojo Viktor Halmi 26th November 2011 Saturday Bányai dojo Sándor Lóki So the next will be the fifth occasion.

Viktor met his equal in Andris Szűcs

The seminary will be on 10th September (Saturday) in Bányai dojo in Kecskemét. Address: Bányai Júlia High School Gymn, Nyíri Street 11. Kecskemét Training hours: between 10-12 a.m., 13-15 p.m. In the break you can stay in the school. Arriving time 9.15 a.m.-10.00.a.m. The seminary is open for outsiders also, not just the members of association are invited. The fee of seminary is 2000 Huf for everybody.

Tableau of seminary in spring

Our cooperation with Viktor Halmi takes a long time. In 2009 December sensei Gábor Kovács invited him to take training in Hatvan. Viktor Halmi lives in Cegléd so he takes trainings regularly together with members of Tatami Centrum Kecskemét and formed a close friendship with sensei Sándor Fekete, our instructor in Kecskemét. They help each other in the preparation, last year in October and November they were together in the USA in a training camp for a month. The camp called H.I.T.Squad and was organized by Matt Hughes who is a multiple UFC champion.

Viktor Halmi's trainin in the dojo of Hatvan

Grappling, Combat-grappling are parts of the seminary and of theirs MMA preparation also, but everybody can learn from it who is interested in the traditional ju jitsu fighting where there are standing and ground fights too.

Viktor Halmi's training in th Hakkoda dojo

Members of our association and Viktor with his pupils after one of his trainings

In the plain in the way to the USA

Viktor Halmi, Matt Hughes and Sándor Fekete