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News    -    2011

In Memory of our Dead Friends
2011-08-12 00:00:00
Last year we presented a Jubilee Album for Summer Camp in July. One page was
dedicated to our dead friends. There are seven people in this page of the
Album. Since then we have two more dead loved ones. There was a motorcycle
accident one year ago today, where Norbert Rohács deceased, in March Tibi
Takács had an accident also. Rest in peace!

Norbert Rohács is doing mokuso in the beginning of a common training

On website, tatamicentrum.hu we commemorate of our friend Tibor Pécsi's death in every year. He died in a car accident on 18th August 2003. It seems that August is the most tragically month. Take care of each other, take special attention in case of travelling by cars and motors!

This photo was taken in Summer Camp of 2003, Tibor Pécsi is standing on the left side

We try to care of their memory. That's why we presented that page in the Jubilee Album. We named Summer Camp after Tibike, Memory Competition after Norbi Rohács, and a prize after Tibi Pécsi. We supported all of the three families in theirs sudden tragedy. Obviously this is also a function of the Ryu, of the wider family. This is why a family is a family. Take care of each other.

The memorial page is in the 25 years old Jubilee Album

We commemorated Norbi last year: 'On 12th August Norbert Rohács, our training mate and friend died in a tragic motorcycle accident. His final journey was followed by team of Hatvan, Főnix Ju Jitsu dojo, Guszti Dietz and Zsuzsi Laki too. Besides his friends and sport mates, traditionalists, archers, riders and hundreds of people also came to his funeral. Norbi was successfully involved in to our ground fighting, grappling competitions. On the last ground fight competition he was 3rd rated in heavyweight, on grappling competition 2nd rated in Gi event and 4th rated in NoGi event. We remember him as one who is smiling in every situation, he lived like a big baby but he did his best in his job. He was an accent of our team and the main personality of Boldog boys.'

A tableau with Norbi's wife Adrienn

Last year we dedicated the weekend of 11-12th August to the memory of Norbi in Hatvan. On Saturday we took the 1st Norbert Rohács Memorial Competition and on Sunday master Max Carvalho lead a seminary. In 17th September 2011 the competition will be organized as well in Hatvan, the note appears on website soon.

Tibi Pécsi

We commemorated Tibi Pécsi: 'President of our sport club was dead by a car accident in 18th August in 2003. We have tried to make up for the lack of him for seven years more or less success. We set a headboard in his honor on second anniversary of the death of him. We named a price after him. We give Pécsi Award once a year to those who work the most for the community. Tibor enrolled in September of 1999, did his exam for white belt on 6th February 2000, for yellow belt on 24th June 2000, for green belt on 30th June 2001, for blue belt on 8th December 2002. He is the president of Tatami Centrum Association since it is established in July of 2001. He was the main director of our competitions and shows, he handled the printing of posters and the embroidery of gym clothes,,, and other more things. He got the Man of 2001 Award on 22nd February 2002.'

As we all remember Tibike

We reported the death and funeral of our friends, Tibor Takács on this website. In the name of Ryu and Association our master said goodbye to him. It is a part of the valediction: „The Association and especially I have remains of him because his real name was UNCONDITIONALITY. Long ago warriors got names after theirs actions. If I have the right to give new name I would call him Tibor Unconditional. He felt bushido, the essence of being a member of a family, a ryu. People choose master and style (ryu) only once although with right of making a mistake also. Changing the unchangeable was not his world. He knew what FATE is. (I couldn't believe how difficult to use past tense in Hungarian...)'

Members of our association next to feretory of sensei Tibor Takács

Rest in peace! Memories will be preserved!

The grave of Tibi Takács in Debrecen

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