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News    -    2011

Summer Camp 2011 - Summary
2011-07-09 00:00:00
We organised according to the accustomed continuity our Summer camp this year,
after the Jubilee Camp which was held in last year. We invited famous trainers,
there were 3 dan exams, 4 kyu exams, improvements, altogether three Hungarian
Days, the last day preview gave the most important parts of the professional
program. Our public generative programs were held too, so it remains in our
memory as a useful and a cohesion invigorating camp. 

It was the back side of our Summer camp T-shirt

We dedicated to the memory of Tibor Takács our Summer camp. Tibike died in the 39th years of his life this March. He was our dojo leader in Debrecen, we are attending his memory in this web site too. His photo was displayed and we remembered him at both the begining and the end of the camp together. Every participant received the camp T-shirt, there was a camp logo at the front side and the photo about Tibike at the back side of the T-shirt

Tableau with our Slovak friends, club leader is sensei Daniel Mocik 3rd dan

Our camp was international, participants came from Austria, Finland, Israel, Deutchland, Italy, Romania, Slovakia. It was the first attendance for the disciples of sensei Daniel Mocik from Pozsony, we know them as a sympathetic and talented young men.

soke István Kelemen is educating in our Summer camp in 2011 - uke is A.Kovács

The foreign masters who educated in our Summer camp this year were:
soke Vlado Schmidt 10th dan shike Giacomo Spartaco Bertoletti 9th dan shihan Günter Painter 7th dan shihan George Chivaran 6th dan shihan Ronen Eliyahu 5th dan sensei Mika Mantere 5th dan sensei Kari Lehtonen 3rd dan
We would like to thank them for their work, and will wait them fondly in the next camps.

Soke Vlado Schmidt and shihan Günter Painter are educating in the Summer Camp

The foreign masters educated two days, and the other three day the members of our association educated. Our accentuated trainer and the technical leader were:
soke István Kelemen 9th dan shihan Attila Kovács 6th dan.
There were optional trainings on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, sensei Gábor Csicsmann educated throw technics, sensei Sándor Fekete ground fight, sensei Sándor Lóki fit for standing fight. There were other trainers too, shihan László Berkes, sensei Sándor Füvesi, sensei István Ónodi, sensei Miklós Kollerits, sensei Károly seres, sensei dr. Ferenc Földházi and sensei Lajos Tálos.

Shike GS Bertoletti and shihan George Chivaran is educating in the Summer Camp

We held dan exams on Tuesday, kyu exams on Thursday afternoon. Altogether seven people took an exam successfully:
sensei Kristóf J. Plébán 3rd dan sensei dr. Ferenc Földházi 2nd dan sensei Lajos Tálos 1st dan dr. Dávid Szilágyi 1st kyu Ildikó Kubosi 2nd kyu dr. Réka Nemes 3rd kyu István Márta 3rd kyu
Congratulations for their successful exams, we would like to thank their uke for the help, and their instructors for the preparation.

Shihan Ronen Eliyahu is educating the moving of more people

Soke István Kelemen raised more instuctors with one degree in our Summer Camp:
shihan József Kluka for 5th dan sensei István Ónodi for 4th dan sensei Miklós Kollerits for 4th dan sensei Károly Seres for 4th dan sensei Gábor Várkonyi for 3rd dan sensei Gábor Csicsmann for 3rd dan sensei János Horvát for 1st dan degree.

Shihan Ronen Eliyahu gave the declaration of Israel Dan College to our master

We organised a mini Budo Gala in the last day of the Summer camp, then our master thank shike Giacomo Spartaco Bertoletti master - the president of word association - with a cup for his prominent help in the last two years, in connection with organise the 25th jubilee of our association and Kelemen Ryu registration in Japan. Then we thanked our trainers for the education with the camp wine and a plaquette. Shihan Ronen Eliyahu gave the declaration of Israel Ju Jitsu Association Dan College to soke István Kelemen. Our Association belongs to Kelemen Ryu, our cooperation is close.

Soke István Kelemen thanked sensei Sándor Lóki for the education

Naturally our public builder programmes were held too, we organised bacon roasting for the first evening with great success. Then the main character of the Forum were shihan József Kluka and sensei István Ónodi on the second evening. They talked about the meaning of the last few decades which were spent with learning of ju jitsu. Our cooking race were held on Thursday, our cooking masters were Ildikó Kubosi, József Antal, László Gyüre and György Tóth. The winner of this year's gold kettle was József Antal. Our roastings and cookings are very famous, everyone like it and wait for it. This is the same situation with the closing banquet and the karaoke party too. Summarily we said that we felt well and taught a lot, Ryu closed its rows and we strengthened in our faith motivations. We will meet right here again next year!
Summer Camp 2012 Balatonfenyves, Bungalow Park 22-28 July 2012 We welcome to everyone!

Tableau in the Bungalow Park at the waterfront of Balaton

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