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News    -    2011

Camp closing Budo Gala
2011-07-08 18:00:00
We recall this tradition in 2009, when we arrange a show at the end of the
Summer Camp, a mini Budo gala. There was a Jubilee show last year and we
arrange with 6 performer it this year. Shike Bertoletti, Shihan George
Chivaran and shihan Ronen Eliyahu and sensei Oded Aviyam performed and the
Hungarians too. 

The helpmates of shihan József Kluka were sensei Borbála Kluka and K.Tatai

The first show was shihan József Kluka with his disciples sensei Borbála Kluka and sensei Krisztián Tatai. He showed his strong points in his show, using sword and other tools. He demonstrated his valid 5th dan improvement with precise technics.

The show of sensei Gábor Csicsmann and sensei Miklós Kollerits

Then we could see the show of sensei Gábor Csicsmann and his uke sensei Miklós Kollerits. The technics of his throw is exemplary, he showed it today. He held the facultative training on Monday and the topic were the throw technics and the right approach and execution of it. It was interesting to see the executions of many throws, after we come to know the background of it.

Tamás Takács, József Antal, Réka Kisistók, Levente Kertai from Szui Ryú dojo

The third show was a big scene of Szui Ryú dojo, it was an imaginary screen play about a bank robbery, we could see ups and downs and perhaps the bad boys got their deserts finally. The disciples of sensei Károly Seres - Réka Kisistók, József Antal, Tamás Takács - held a very humorous and reviving show.

Bank robbery. The bad boys got their deserts fortunately.

Fourth masters from Israel held show shinan Ronen Eliyahu and sensei Oded Aviyam, it was an explanation of hanbo kata. It contained acrobatic elements and Ronen showed the form kata too at the end of the show. They received round of applause rightly from the audience.

The show of shihan Ronen Eliyahu and sensei oded Aviyam

Shihan László Berkes and sensei Sándor Fekete showed some self-defense technics with using pen as a weapon. The Hungarian writers use pen as a weapon several times, but now they showed it as a self-defence tool in a real sense.

The show of shihan László Berkes and sensei Sándor Fekete

Shike GS. Bertoletti and shihan George Chivaran held koryu ju jitsu show at the end and height of the gala, they gave us foretaste the technics and habits of samurais. Shike Bertoletti's show had riff and well composed, he cut bamboos during his show and gave them to the members of the jury.

The show of shike G.S. Bertoletti and sensei George Chivaran

The gala was a show race nominally, the members of the jury were soke István Kelemen, shihan Attila Kovács and sensei István Ónodi masters. The jury graded every show with high level so they didn't set sequence at the end of the gala.

He is the post-last samurai

Soke István Kelemen thanked with a cup and a camp wine the attendances of the show. We would like to continue this tradition in the future, there will not be race, but every perfomer team will received a camp wine.

Soke István Kelemen thanked for the show of the teams

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