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News    -    2011

Improvements in the Summer Camp
2011-07-08 00:00:00
Soke István Kelemen raised most of our assotiation's instructors. You can take
an exam up to 3rd dan according to our roules. This year the number of 5th and
4th dan's instructors doubled with the improvements in our association.
Masters with some decade's experience raised.

János Horváth our dojo leader in Nagykanizsa raised for 1st dan degree

János Horváth the leader of Nagykanizsa dojo came prepared to the Summer Camp, and he planed that he show his 1st dan exam here, after one year preparation. The piquancy of the fortune, he would have liked to take dan exam in 1997, but this exam were cancelled. He prepared again after 14 years. Unfortunatelly he got a serious knee injury in the Summer Camp before the exam day, which arrested him to stand up and take his exam. He showed his exam practise to shihan Attila Kovács technical director during his preparation. This is a fact and we would'nt like to turn against the fortune, so soke István Kelemen raised him for 1st dan degree. Congratulations!

Our leader of dan college raised Sensei Gábor Várkonyi for 3rd dan

Sensei Gábor Várkonyi the leader of Főnix dojo has only few disciples relatively, but he teach extensively them and he allocate them to high degree. His two disciples took an exam in this Summer camp, Lajos Tálos for 1st dan degree, Dávid Szilágyi for 1st kyu degree, and there were 2 kyu examinees on the national exam day in April from this dojo, András Márton and Zoltán. All facts commend sensei Gábor Várkonyi's intensive and high level work. Főnix dojo has brotherly connection with Hatvan dojo, they have a lot of public programm and sensei Gábor Várkonyi usually test in Hatvan dojo. Gábor is the disciple of soke István Kelemen from 1983, and he took 1st dan degree exam in this room in 1996 and for 2nd dan in 2007. Soke István Kelemen raised him for 3rd dan degree today. Congratulaions and we wish him a successful work in the future too!

Sensei Gábor Csicsmann became 3rd dan after 20 years

Sensei Gábor Csicsmann began his ju jitsu study in soke István Kelemen's dojo in Madách square 20 years ago. He received authority from his master for opening a dojo in Győr and the education started soon. Gábor proved really talented, he took prominents exams a lots of time. He took 1st dan degree exam in 1999 in the Summer Camp of Alsóörs, then 2nd dan degree in 2002 in the Summer Camp of Budapest. The associaton capitalized his excellent talents totally, he were uke a lots of exam and preview, we can count on him everytime and every kind of circumstances. Soke István Kelemen raised him for 3st dan degree today! Congratulations and we will count on his help in the future too!

Sensei Károly Seres receive his 4th dan diploma

Sensei Károly Seres the captain of our Association, the instuctor and the leader of the selected, the director of Szui Ryú dojo. The Szui Ryú dojo is one of the most developing dojo, and its disciples presented a lots of high level exams both last year and this year (it were 5! person from here who took blue belt exam at the national exam day in Spring at last) and the members of Szui Ryú dojo gave the essence of the association preview too. Sensei Károly Seres set us an example with his professional, educational and organizational work in the Association. Karoly has been soke István Kelemen's disciple from 1985, he took black belt exam here in this room in 1995. Soke István Kelemen raised him for 4rd dan degree. Congratulations and we wish sensei Károly Seres and the dojo a lots of success in the future too!

Sensei István Ónodi got the 4th dan degree now

Sensei István Ónodi came from Mélyépterv SC to our association, he was the disciple of shihan Ferenc Gyebnár. His relationship with soke István Kelemen begun in 1983, then he became his personal disciple. He was one of the charter member of our Associaton in 1985. He took black belt exam in 1992 in the Summer Camp in Zsámbék together with shihan Attila Kovács and shihan László Berkes. He has been the leader of Lágymányos then the Savoya ma Sityu-Team dojo from the beginning. He had a lots of disciples and his child disciples became the pillared members of our association when they grew up. Soke István Kelemen raised him for 4th dan degree today and he rewarded him with an extra diploma for the education of youth and the rising generation. Congratulations and we will count on his educational work in the future too!

sensei Miklós Kollerits became 1st dan here 15 years ago, he has also 4th dan degree now

Sensei Miklós Kollerits set with his professional work an example for us, he keeps his body and soul in proper condition, he is ready for training and preview. He is the fixed helpmate and uke of shihan Attila Kovács who is our association's technical director. He begun his study in 1987 in soke István Kelemen's dojo at Madách square. He took black belt exam 15 years ago in 1996, here in this room, than in 1999 at the Summer camp in Alsóörs for 2nd dan, and in 2006 for 3rd dan here again. Soke István Kelemen raised him for 4th dan today. Congratulations and we will count on his help in the future too!

József Kluka's degree from today shihan and 5th dan

Shihan József Kluka is the oldest instructor of our association, it is not a disrespect to say it about him, because no one supposes that he is already 59 years old. He take pride in prominent results with his own and his disciples improvements and the building of dojo too. He have the largest dojo of our association and they growth has not been coming to an end yet. Józsi is a high level master of other martial arts too and he is canoening master coach, Rita Kőbán became olimpic champion with his help. He is our icon in many ways, he has more experiences than us, and he is walking in front of us in our way. He took 1st dan exam in 1996 here and in 2007, when his adored daughter Borika became black belted too, he received the 4th dan degree here. Soke István Kelemen raised him for shihan degree and 5th dan degree today. Congratulations and we will count on his guide in the future too!

They were raised on Friday and their diplomas

It is very great joy reporting these excellent walk of life, and we are very glad that we are the member of a strong association such as us. Our masters's works intensify and inspire us.A very strong background and foundation take it realizable. The essential worth of our association have been constant since decades, the lately events couldn't make a pass at this fact. The establishment of Ryu just strengthen it. The community and the family are unprecedented, which constitues Ryu today. It gives us new power, new targets and it strengthen us in our faith that we learn the best and most suitable Martial Art at the best place!

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