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News    -    2011

Kyu exams in the Summer Camp
2011-07-07 00:00:00
There were four kyu exams in the Summer camp on Thursday. All were successful,
Réka Nemes dr. and István Márta from DRSE dojo took an exam for blue belt,
Ildikó Kubosi from Sakura Kyokai dojo for 2nd kyu, Dávid Szilágyi from Főnix
dojo for 1st kyu degree. Soke István Kelemen honoured this exam with his

Réka Nemes dr. and István Márta are taking blue belt degree exam

The first exams were at the same time at two exam commitees, then these two commitees combined for the 1st kyu exam. According to our Association's exam rules you can take your exam from blue belt only on National Exam day, it means, that we have to remark it in our yearly calendar and minimum two masters with the laws of exam have to be there. We already have a day for it in our Summer Camp too in the last few years. When we have 1st kyu exam, we should't have another exam paralell, and the technical director leads the exam.

István Márta is breaking a board with his leg

Ildikó Kubosi from Debrecen Sakura Kyokai dojo is the disciple of sensei Béla Kubinyi and she was taking her exam for 2nd kyu, the members of exam committee were shihan Attila Kovács and sensei István Ónodi master. At the another place Réka Nemes dr. and István Márta from Debrecen DRSE dojo took their exam for blue belt (3rd kyu) degree where the members of exam committee were shihan László Berkes and sensei Károly Seres. They are the disciples of sensei Kristóf J. Plébán and senpai László Gyüre. The activity of Debrecen dojos is not an accident. It has been ju jitsu education for 25 years, unfortunately their dojo leader master sensei Tibor Takács deceased this year. This sad and the other gladsome event are the suitable reason for demonstration and Tibike surely proud of his disciples and their disciples too.

Ildikó Kubpsi taking her 2nd kyu exam, her uke is Ruszlán Wladimir

We know, that Ildiko Kubosi proved to sensei Tibor Takács too, she showed a very good exam, it was better than the prescribed exercise,because women don't need to break or fight during the exam, but she did both. As soke István Kelemen and shihan Attila Kovács showed in the assessment, both Tibike and her master should proud of her. Réka and István exam came off well, although their feelings ran high, we had to egg them to keep the adequate rhythm. They received their new degree deservedly at the end of the exam.

Dávid Szilágy is taking 1st kyu degree, his uke is András Márton

The hall of the first dan degree is the 1st kyu exam. The dan exam usually come after one year the succeessful 1st kyu exam. The exam material is 90 % same as 1st kyu exam. That is why the requirements are on very high level, the 1st kyu exam is successfull only if you can show it without error and precisly. David was in accordance with these requirements ecceedingly, we agreed - who looked at him - agreed with it. David were uke at sensei Lajos Tálos 1st dan exam last Tuesday, it shared his interest and his preparation time for this exam, but he were able to take an excellent exam between these hard conditions.


The successful 1st dans and 1st kyu exams shows the excellent works of Főnix dojo and sensei Gábor Várkonyi dojo leader in this year. As we reported in our earlier news, it will be the Főnix dojo soon, which has the most master in our Association. These made for that soke István Kelemen elevate for Gábor Várkonyi for 3rd dan degree at the begining of David's today's exam. We will reporte it in our next news.

Ildikó is fighting with sensei Gábor Kovács and István with sensei Sándor Fekete

The fight were public at the end of the exams, Ildikó joined aside the boys. They didn't have easy fight, there were a lots of fighting men, so they always got a new, fresh enemy. The fight was active and clear without injury from the beginning to the end. The examinees were in good condition, they very worthy enemies.

David is fighting with Lajos Nagy

Soke István Kelemen the founder of our Association and the president of the Dan-College favoured our kyu exam with his presence. After the positive valuation, the examiners said their opinion about the exams and gave the documentations for the new degrees to the examinees. The the other congratulated them and the tableaus got ready as usual.

Shihan Attila Kovács gave them to the exam documentation

We renewed our old tradition in the last few years, we had kyu exam in the Summer Camp. We would like to notify with it, that the kyu degrees as important as the dan degrees and the kyu exams as important as the dan exams. Otherwise the most important exam is what for we prepare. The activity of dojos are very high, and the vocational work too, they bring much examinees for kyu and dan exams, they are very well prepared and it made us joy to see and rate them. Keep it up!

Dávid Szilágyi Fan Club with the exam board