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News    -    2011

Public programs in the Summer Camp
2011-07-06 00:00:00
Everybody received the T-shirt of Summer camp, in which everyone could peel the
potatoes too. We started with a bacon roasting at the first night, giving a
chance everyone to make friends. We roasted fineness in foils (FF), which were
needed potatoes. There was a forum with two excellent masters of us, we had a
cooking race in kettle and a karaoke party. 

The bacons, the breads and the fineness in foils (FF) are roasting

We have already organised bacon roasting in the last year and before last year too at the first night, it keeps the association simultaneously, and give the initial cheer of the camp. Sanyi Fekete tried to roast the fineness in foil (FF) last year too, he got experiences so he came out with a new version of it (FF 2.0). The development includes the inside parts, the packing and the roasting too. The registraton of know how and its saving by law are under way.

Hereby the fineness in foil after opening: potato, onion and Kolozsvár bacon

It was good that the participants were waiting for the first night's roasting, so we were quite a good turnout. We bought a lots of bacons and ingredients too, even so all the meals were eated up. We could roast fine bacon, bread, onion and fineness only on live coals, the amount of the guest were so much, so one live coals was not enough. When the second live coals was ready it was almost midnight, then we put the finenesses into the live coals, which as you know we had to roast 12,5 minutes on either side, - hopp I bespoke it by chance, screw it - so it took until two o'clock in the morning while we finalize the roasting of 37 packages we prepared in the afternoon.

Sensei József Kluka was one of our participant in the Forum...

The next day sensei József Kluka the leader of Szentendre dojo and sensei István Ónodi, the leader of Sityu-Team dojo (it was Savoya before and Lágymányosi dojo before that) gave a presentation about the experiences of the past decade and replied our questions. The Forum is 3 years old now. We started this new initiation with our technical leaders - shihan Attila Kovacs and soke Istvan Kelemen - we talked about the martial arts and the responsibility of the instructors with kancho Rony Kuger last year.

....and the another participant was sensei István Ónodi dojo leader

Sensei József Kluka begun jujitsu more than 20 years and sensei István Ónodi more than 30 years they have 4 and 3 dan degree when we held this forum. It was on Monday, then that Friday when we had the camp closing ceremony, soke István Kelemen promoted both of them to the next degree. József Kluka is 59 years old, he is a canoening master coach, he has an olimpic champion disciple too, he knows everything about the positive and negative effects of the training and racing and he shared his experiences with us gladly. Pisti Ónodi talked about his last 30 years and what jujitsu gave him.

The team of DRSE try to gain one of the member of jury

Tuesday and Monday evening didn't pass away without almost all night long talking, on Tuesday there was president and on Wednesday there was dan dormitory session. By the way the camp is a perfect place for taking this kind of program, because we are together and this week was marked out completely for it. I would not Wonder, if the next camp there will be sessions such as this year. The presidental session decided in important questions, among other things that the next Summer Camp will be here at Bungalow Park between 22-28 July 2012, we will use own tatami, because we have enough. We talked about how can we avoide injuries in the future - as we mentioned in our previous news - during dan session.

The jury is working - it is hard, precizious work

We held on Thursday the third cooking race in cauldron (bogrács). Peter Galisz, the excellence of dojo in Hódmezővásárhely was the winner last year, Nándor Baranyi from Hatvan dojo was the winner before last year. None of them started this year, but Ildikó Kubosi from Sakura Kyokai of Debrecen dojo prepared 120 pieces stuffed cabbage and József Antal from Szui Ryú dojo prepared beef stew. The another one was László Gyüre from DRSE dojo prepared shank stew, and György Tóth froam Sityu-Team dojo prepared soup with tarragon. We put tasters from the finenesses into the table of the jury at about 22.30 o'clock and the sampling with big competency began.

Cooking masters: Ildikó Kubosi,József Antal (winner),László Gyüre,György Tóth

The members of the jury were shike Giacomo Spartaco Bertoletti, soke István Kelemen, shihan Attila Kovács, shihan Günter Painter, shihan Ronen Eliyahu, shihan George Chivaran, sensei Mika Mantere, sensei Daniel Mocik and Dániel Kalmár as a representative of Bungalow Park. The winner was József Antal with the beef stew, it was the third time when he received the Gold Cauldron Award. Every cooking master got the camp wine, we would have liked to thank them to add cheer and meal for the camp days.

Banquet - there were a little bit from the cookies

There was a traditional banquet and karaoke party on Friday evening. We tried to start sooner, but we didn't succeed, the banquet started at 9 o'clock with very delicious meals. We should say that László Domján and the team of Bungalow Park extremely wine and dine us, this frequent experience assists us to hold our Summer Camp here year by year. After one circle majestic cold buffet another circle fine cookie came, then the sould got what it want, after the body sufficed, there was music until dawn, and we could have our fling after this tiring week. We will meet - we hope more than this year - right here again!

Snapshot from the karaoke party