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News    -    2011

3rd dan exam of sensei Kristóf J. Plébán
2011-07-05 17:00:00
The leader of DRSE Debrecen dojo, Kristóf J. Plébán passed the highest level
exam in the Summer camp, he managed to achive the requirements of 3rd dan. His
uke was dr. Attila Papp. Kristóf took an exam again after 9 years, he received
the 2nd dan level in 2002, in Budapest. His knee was injured during a springer
kicking, but he was fighting it out. 

Stick kata

He was not alone with his injury, because there would have been four examiner that Tuesday originally, but János Horváth our dojo leader in Nagykanizsa was injured while he was preparing for the exam here at the camp the day before, when they were practicing with Gabi Csicsmann, because his original uke was injured last week. The another problem was Peter Galisz's biceps tear too, we wrote it in our last report. It was not a supprise that soke Istvan Kelemen took a dan college meeting in connection with this problem to avoide the large number of injuries in the future.

The uke was dr. Attila Papp

The exams were trying, and the examinees were not a young people, injuries shouldn't have happened even so. There was some injuries in the last years too while the dan exam. Most of them should have benn avoided. One of the important challenge in the future to stop this tendency, there will not happen injury in the exams.

Kristóf lives through his exams

Kristóf J. Plébán was József Tribuszer's disciple in Miskolc, he became the member of DRSE dojo after the termination of local dojo. He is the 3rd leader of this dojo, the founder was Gyula Sípos from 1986 to 1989, sensei Tibor Takács from 1989 to 1998, and Kristól J. Plébán have been the DRSE dojo leader from 1998.His permament assistans is senpai László Gyüre. The dojo celebrated its 25th anniversary this year. Unfortunatelly it happened a tragic and sad event too this year, sensei Tibor Takács dojo leader deceased in his age of 39th. These two events became tighten the relationship between the old and new members. A lots of people went to the funeral and the anniversary and the Summer camp too.

All four feet in the air

Kristóf has a very tight relationship with soke István Kelemen, he learned a lot and a lot of time directly from him. He began his studies in 1988 when he was 16 years old. He tooked his exams in the following years: white belt yellow stripe - on 6th May 1989 - Madách dojo in Budapest yellow Belt - 6th May 1989 - Madách dojo in Budapest green Belt - 10th March 1990 - Budapest Madách dojo blue belt - 31th July 1991 - Summer Camp, Csopak brown Belt 2nd kyu - 30th July 1992 - Summer Camp, Zsámbék brown Belt 1st kyu - 28th July 1993 - Summer Camp, Csopak black belt 1st dan - 2nd August 1995 - Summer Camp, Balatonfenyves black Belt 2nd dan - 21st July 2002 - Summer Camp, Budapest

Two aggressors technics, the assistant is István Márta

Kristóf arrived prepared to the camp. He never was thick, but he losed weight this year and he was tough, he had hardy and lean musculature. He is a tall thin young man, even as his uke, dr. Attila Papp. It was also his chracteristic earlier that he never pull his ukes punches, it was the same now. Attila came through remarkably well the fight and a lot of time he stroked and kicked at full stretch and performed throwing breezily. It especially added for the success of the exam. Thanks Attila!

Power breaking: the four boards are not only dusting but broke

It was the another important experience with Kristof's exam, that his emotional estate is radiated from him. He begun his exam hard, ouch for the uke. He quieted down gradually, his technics became softer and rotated. We could felt ju. The harmony took for a while, he was smiling and we slacked. Then something happened, the throwings were harder again, the voice of the technics were stronger and smacker, the kicks trended with full power to the stomach we didn't want to change with Attila. We were able to feel ko than. It is very good, because the fight arts always has dichotomy, but the emotional excess sometimes imbue Kristóf. Likely it led him to break the board by jumping kick and when he reached the floor his anckle was injured. Fortunatelly it was at the end of the techinics part.

Fighting with sensei Miklós Kollerits

Kristóf lives through his exam in 100 percent. It was the situation now too, it was intensive and impulsive and his technincs was high level and it was very interesting watching it from outside. In spite of his injure he didn't ran out his power, he was a worthy foeman from the beginning to the end.

Soke István Kelemen gave him the 3rd dan diplom and the Budo Pass

We would like to congratulate to Kristóf and his ukes for the exam, they put a point by worhty way to the 25 years history of dojo and they commemorate for sensei Tibor Takács a good remembrance. There was some examinees from dojo in kyu exam that Thursday and they represented the dojo in the camp too in great strenght. Keep up the good work, this dojo always were and will be a stronghold for our Association!

sensei Miklós Kollerits and sensei Károly Seres congratulates to the exam