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News    -    2011

2nd dan exam of sensei dr. Ferenc Földházi
2011-07-05 16:00:00
The excellence of Zanshin dojo in Hódmezővásárhely, sensei dr Ferenc Földházi's
exam was the next dan exam in the Summer Camp. He prepared for his 1st dan exam
under the direction of sensei Sándor Füvesi, then established an independent
dojo with his open pair, sensei Éva Daru. Évi passed the 2nd dan level exam
last year, Feri did it this year. 

Kata Tanto - knife kata

Dr Ferenc Földházi is a practitioner so he rarely but regular performs in our health courses, the next course will be topical soon. We regulary need his knowledge, unfortunately some injuries happened in the camp too where he helped us. One accident happened with sensei Peter Galisz, who helped him, during his exam, Peter was his uke. The exam was right, but Peter's biceps tore partially, so he was operated since then. Feri and Éva took him home, to Hódmezővásárhely, we would like to thank them for their help.

Bo kata - stick form

Sensei Peter Galisz requited him for a service, because sensei dr. Ferenc Földházi was Peter's uke in his 2nd dan exam two years ago. Their friendship and training partnership begun one and a half decades ago and sensei Galisz went on before him with one belt degree. For example Peter Galisz passed his blue belt examination in December 2000 in Bányai dojo Kecskemét, and Ferenc Földházi passed his green belt examination at the same time, they went on with one step on the national exam day in Spring of 2003.

Tomoenage - Circle Throw. Uke sensei Peter Galisz

Sensei Dr Ferenc Földházi passed his exam in the following years: white belt with yellow sripe - on 25th April in 1996 - Kecskemét yellow belt - on 24th July in 1998 - Tardos green belt - on 16th December in 2000 - Kecskemét blue belt - on 23th March in 2003 - Budapest brown belt 2nd kyu - on 20th March in 2005 - Budapest brown belt 1st kyu - on 26th March in 2006 - Szentendre black belt - on 29th July in 2008 - Balatonfenyves

In spite of appearances, they are friends

It was stiking now before the exam, that Feri was in an excellent condition, he arrived at the camp with excelsior preparation and became clear soon that it was not only just a physical condition but the technical too. The exam proved it. Feri achieved perfectly from the beginning to the end, so the form exercises, the technics, the break and the fight were convincing and credible.

Defense against two attacks. The second attack is sensei Éva Daru

Going on their own way, they came out from sensei Sándor Füvesi dojo, their work became harder, but the change was successful with Eva and their dojo - Zanshin dojo started well. Nowadays two 2nd dan master keep the trainings. The association considers their help and we will give them 10 tatami for free using from this September for one year from Tatami competition. This amount with their own tatami will be enough for the growing, whick will be confirmed by the next years.

Formation break by foot

The ju jitsu started in Hódmezővásárhely 27 years ago by the leading with sensei Nándor Czeglédi. Then András Meszlényi became the dojo leader and after sensei Sándor Füvesi. Sensei Sándor Füvesi had 6 black belt disciples, because of his qualitative training. All of his disciples received excellent knowledge and they raise our repute and our professional level. Two new dojos opened in the last two years next to the original, we mentioned it in our report, it was the Zanshin dojo and the Moving Center, sensei Peter Galisz is the leader here. We already feel the headcount have been growing because of the great past and news so lots of young and old visitors choose ju jitsu. Our association support a newer Moving Centre dojo too. It is not a question for us that three dojos in Vásárhely will full up.

Fight - the foeman is sensei Károly Seres

Congratulations for the excellent exam, and we wish good luck and endurance! Moreover let the dojo of Hódmezővásárhely be a stronghold of our Association, and we hope once one of our instructors open a dojo in Szeged. We wish sensei Galisz quick recovery so he can return to the trainings and teaching.

soke István Kelemen gives the 2nd dan diploma and the Budo Pass

The dojo of Hódmezővásárhely has excellent home page, the editor is Sándor Füvesi, the developer is Dávid hargitai. Congratulations for the website! Click here to read the review about our Summer Camp.

sensei Krisztián Tatai congratulates for the succesfull exam