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News    -    2011

Our new website is two years old today
2011-07-01 00:00:00
Our homepage renewed on the 1st of July in 2009, it was 2 years ago today. We
had nearly 500.000 visitors in this two-year period, which surpassed our all
expectations. Lots of visitors watch from abroad, because of our news is
translated in English became regular. Our English Website is also available at

Istvan Kelemen got the title of soke in 2009

This period was very dense also in the life of the Association, so we had a lot of theme for writing about it. In particular we write about the community life here, professional material will be available at www.kelemenryu.hu / kelemenryu.com, which will be launched soon. The Kelemen Ryu as an independent ju jitsu school was registered in this last two- year period. Istvan Kelemen received the title of Soke first, then he got the 9th dan degree, thanks for Shike Giacomo Spartaco Bertoletti and soke Kozo Kuniba supporting involvements. We entered a new embleming system in the association at the same time of the Ryu's registration.

Soke Istvan Kelemen received the 9th dan degree in 2010

This website fills its task, you can find all information in connection with dojo and the association too. During this time - perhaps thanks to our website is in working order - we evolved favorably, the dojo's number increased from 22 to 30, the association's number increased too, from 450 to 700 members. The silver - 25 years old - jubilee, which was held in last year made a many old jitsuka active member again and led back them to us.

The participants of the 25 year-old Jubilee Show in 2010

Opening of the dojo Mozgás Központ in Hódmezővásárhely 2011

We reported many kyu and dan exams. The professional work picked up in the dojos that is why they transport the candidates for the National Exam days of blue and brown belt as a conveyer belt and this is the same situation of the candidates for dan exams into the Summer Camps too. The member of the dans increased 55, all dojo leader has a required degree and educational (also official state) level.

Fighting on the National Exam day in Autumn 2010

In addition our professional programms multiplied, we have a lots of seminars from the belt-material seminars to the instructors meetings and fighting seminars too. We reported all of them in our website.

soke István Kelemen is teaching the instructors in September 2010

We made our report about the begining of Jitsu Fight competition, about the Grappling World Championship and about the Brasilian Jiu Jitsu European Championship champion titles, about our traditional competitions' events. There is no shortage from candidates, we hope our home page's reviews provides motivation to join.

Dávid Kiss wins with armbar at the First Jitsu Fight Competition

We popularized ju jitsu in dozens of shows, we made review about most of them.

Show at the Szigeti Sportvarázs event on the Margitsziget, Budapest, June 2010

Solemn, uplifting joyful and sad moments were in the life of our Association, we always made our reviews and it will be in the future too. We thank the readers for the interest, which sustains our website!

soke István Kelemen farewells Tibike.