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News    -    2011

Everything you have to know about our Summer Camp
2011-06-22 00:00:00
First of all: it's important to be there.
Our Summer Camp will be held in Balatonfenyves Bungalow Park from 3 to 9 
of July. The camp is  dedicated to the memory of sensei Tibor Takács 
who has passed away this year. There will be more than 120 participants 
in the apartmans, and 20 more people will take part in the trainings. 
There will be 4 dan exam, 5 foreigner and 14 Hungarian masters will teach.

soke István Kelemen is going to hold trainings this year again

Hungarian Ju Jitsu Association Summer Camp 2011 Dear sportmate and friends! We invite you to our Federation's forthcoming Summer Camp!
Date : from 3 July 2011 (Sunday) to 9 July 2011 (Saturday) (7 days, 6 nights) Meal : three times a day (only dinner on the first day and only breakfast on the last day Trainings : In the 500 m2 area gym of Fekete István Elementary School (about 300 meters from the Bungalow Park) Prices : 49.500 HUF / person for Association members (4.000 HUF / person /day for only the trainings). Participants outside our Association: 250 EUR / person (100 EUR/person only for the trainings) Registration: From the date of our instructors' meeting (26 February 2011). You can make your registration at Camp, but only if free rooms left. Instructors : Soke István Kelemen 9th dan, Founder, President of the Dan College, shihan Attila Kovács 6th dan, Technical Director, noted foreigner instructors, and our Association's instructors. Programs : official: dan and kyu exams, trainings, presentation competition spare time: swimming, bacon frying, cooking competition, banquet Informations : jujitsu@jujitsu.hu, www.jujitsu.hu, www.bungalowpark.hu Budapest, 27 January 2011
Everyone is welcome!
soke István Kelemen 9th dan shihan László Berkes 5th dan Founder and President of Dan College President

The Bungalow Park in Balatonfenyves

We are dedicated to the memory of Tibor Takács sensei this year's Summer Camp. Tibor - Tibike all of us - died when he was 39 in March this year. Our association were at his funeral, we helped the family morally and financially. Tibike became the member of Debrecen dojo when he was 14. He was very intensely interesed in ju jitsu, actively trained, and he became the disciple of Istvan Kelemen soon, then he was the leader of Debrecen dojo. He took his exam of 1.dan degree in Alsóörs Summer Camp in 1999. After his death soke Istvan Kelemen promoted him second dan degree. His black belt was buried next to him.

As we all remember to Tibike

This year's Summer Camp will be the 26th, the previous were: 1. 22-27 July 1984 Tata 2. 28-02 July 1985 Tata 3. 27-02 July 1986 Zsámbék 4. 26-01 July 1987 Debrecen 5. 23-29 July 1988 Zsámbék 6. 16-21 JUly 1989 Debrecen 7. 27-01 July 1990 Csopak 8. 28-02 July 1991 Csopak 9. 28-02 July 1992 Zsámbék 10. 26-31 July 1993 Csopak 11. 31-06 July 1995 Balatonfenyves 12. 05-10 August 1996 Balatonfenyves 13. 27-31 July 1998 Tokaj 14. 26-01 July 1999 Alsóőrs 15. 23-29 July 2000 Alsóőrs 16. július 30-05 2001 Tokaj 17. július 21-27 2002 Budapest 18. július 27-02 2003 Velence 19. 01-07 August 2004 Velence 20. 17-23 July 2005 Balatonalmádi 21. 23-29 July 2006 Balatonfenyves 22. 22-28 July 2007 Balatonfenyves 23. 27-02 July 2008 Balatonfenyves 24. 26-01 July 2009 Balatonfenyves 25. 25-31 July 2010 Balatonfenyves

Our Technical Director, shihan Attila Kovács instructing in the Jubilee Camp

Our Camp will be international, the participants will come from Austria, Romania, Israel, Slovakia, Finland and Italy. All Participants - Hungarians and foreigners too - will receive the camp T-shirt this year as in previous years. Foreign masters will teach on Tuesday and Thursday. Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be Hungarian's day. It means there will be Hungarian teachers in the mornings and afternoons. Four dan exam will be held on Tuesday afternoon: sensei Kristóf Plébán third dan, sensei Ferenc Földházi dr. second dan, senpai János Horváth and senpai Lajos Tálos will take his exam for firts dan degree. There will be kyu exams on Thursday afternoon.
Teacher's of Summer Camp: soke Vlado Schmidt 10th dan shike Giacomo Spartaco Bertoletti 9th dan and his assistant shihan Günter Painter 7th dan shihan Ronen Eliyahu 5th dan soke István Kelemen 9th dan shihan Attila Kovács 6th dan
and other 12 masters of our association. They will receive opportunity who will be at Summer Camp and haven't taught yet in previous years. Our teachers will get a bottle of red wine from the Camp, labeling with the name of the Summer Camp and etched with the logo of the Camp.

soke Vlado Schmidt and shihan Günter Painter instructing in the Jubilee Camp

Our residence will be Bungalow Park,situated in the waterfront of lake Balaton. We hope it will give as a hight level of service. We were satisfied with it, it will be the our fourth Summer Camp here. Smorgasbord breakfast will be from 7.30, then abundant and elective lunch from 12.30 and dinner from 18.30. Vegetarian meals will be available, a number of persons will take advantage of this. We booked 38 pieces four bed apartments with kitchens and bathrooms. They will be able to be separated, and will ensure the place for 2*2 head. The Bungalow Park accepts hungarian Holiday Cheque.
We have free rooms left, reserved for the last minute arrivals!
The trainings will be in the Gym of Fekete István Elementary School, which is on the same street of the Bungalow Park, the distance is only 300 meters. As usual there will be 150 pieces of tatamis and we can use the playing field of the school. In the mornings the trainings will be in three groups, two in the gym and, one in the playing field. Hungarian masters will take optional trainings on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Shihan Günter Painter, president of the IKF will hold kobudo trainings on four nights from Monday to Thursday from 19.30pm. The tatami are going to arrive on Saturday afternoon (about 17.00-18:00pm), and we will pack the up to the truck on Sunday (at 9.00am). It means we can use it to Friday night, and we will use it!

The beach of the Bungalow Park

There will be the II. Show Competition on 8 July (Friday) from 18.00pm, this competition is a little Budo Gala closing the Summer Camp. The participant dojos will show their own jitsu, the jury and the audience will vote for the best performances.
II. Show Competition (Gala)
Date, time : 8 July 2011 (Friday) 18.00pm Place : Gym of Fekete István Elementary School Participants: Groups with 1-8 members. One participant can take part in more groups or more part of the competition. Awards : Diploma for every group. Cup from the Jury for the first three group. Cup from the audience (viewer's choice) for the first three group. Entry fee : None (free).

shike G.S.Bertoletti and sensei George Chivaran at the Presentation Competiton

On the Summer Camp's last day (Friday, after the Presentation Competition) there will be the Banquet and the Karaoke party, as usual. Saturday night: bacon frying, to support contacts and friendship between different dojo's members, and to justify the good atmosphere of the Camp. Monday night: the usual Forum in the restaurant. This year we will talking with sensei József Kluka 4th dan, and sensei István Ónodi 3rd dan. Both of them have more than three decade experience in martial arts, we are sure the will share their experiences willingly. Last year the Forum was with kancho Rony Kluger master, in 2009 there were soke István Kelemen and shihan Attila Kovács.

soke István Kelemen and shihan Attila Kovács at the first Forum in 2009

Thursday night: there will be one of the most popular event of the Summer Camp, the cooking competition. There will be 5-7 cauldron, theinternational jury will score the meals, the best will get the Golden Cauldron Award (Aranybogrács Díj). The preparing and cooking hours will be excellent opportunity to talk and tasting. We are sure, this second dinner of the day will not couse any problems to us, regarding to our previous experiences.
Golden Cauldron Cooking Competition (Aranybogrács Főzőverseny) 2011
Date, time : 7 July 2011. (Thursday) Place : Bungalow Park Participants: Only the members of the Summer Camp can entry! Description : The groups will get 5 kg meat and potato, onion (if required). The meal have to be ready at 22.00pm. We will use numbered plates, the jury will know only the numbers, not the groups. Jury : The leading masters of the camp will be in the jury, they will give individually 1-10 points, then we will aggregate the points Awards : Every group will get a diploma, and a bottle of wine for the chef. The winner group will get the Golden Cauldron Award Entry fee : None (free).

The cauldron of DRSE seems to be very popular

The Summer Camp is one of the most important event of the Association, imporant things have happened here in the last two years: István Kelemen here has got the soke title, it was announced here the Japan registration of the Kelemen Ryu. Here was held our 25th year Jubilee Celebration, here has got soke István Kelemen the 9th dan, here we pulished our Jubilee Album, here 10 people have taken dan exams successfully in front of an international board ...

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