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News    -    2011

Instructor's development
2011-06-11 20:00:00
Sensei József Kálóczi 4th dan, leader of the Hungarian Kyokushin Karate 
Federation's Instructor Board tutored our instructors in his dojo, in Siófok,
on 11 July. He shared us his decades of knowledge and experience.

sensei József Kálóczi is teaching

Eleven members of the Hungarian Ju Jitsu Association took part of the advanced studies, which is part of the instructor training of September 2010 to July 2011. Participants: Éva Daru, Zoltán Daru, dr Ferenc Földházi, Sándor Lóki, Kornél Horváth, József Sáfár, Zsolt Herle, János Horváth, György Varga, Lajos Tálos, Dávid Szilágyi. Please welcome the review of János Horváth.

Attentive audience

'We took part of sensei József Kálóczi 4th dan Kyokushin master's instructor training on 11 July. The first theoretical part of the training was a free conversation, where we learned how to prepare our students for exams and competitions, considering their age and gender specifications and differences.

Routine comes after the theory

The sensei's enormous theoretical knowledge, people-centered thinking whirled us in the first hour, and it become more sensible during the treinig hours. As we turned the therory into practice it was obvious: it works perfectly.

Detailed explanation - members of the Zanshin dojo listening

It's important to know, we do everything for a reason! Even a tig game is not only for push away a free half of an hour. We do everything from outside to inside. First, we play with a jumping-rope standing opposite, then we play something in close contact, and finally we arrive to the fight.

Sensei Lóki is not sparing the shield...

We learned how to build up the free fighting from the basic kicks to the practices in moving. We also learned what kind of items and methods we can use. At the end of the day we were completely tired, but also bended like a bow.

...and Józsi Sáfár the bag

Summary, my opinion is a training like this is a direct hit, and it helps the Ju Jitsu instructors and their disciples reaching their goals - exams and competitions too. I want to thank, for taking part of this training.' János Horváth

It seems no light relaxation

We thank sensei József Kálóczi and his two assistants the teaching, which opened us a new door in the rich and large house of the Budo. We wish good luck to their work, and we hope our cooperation will continue.

Jani Horváth hits Lajos Tálas and the shield

Tableau with sensei Kálóczi and their assistants and our instructors