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News    -    2011

Instructor training on 11th July
2011-05-25 00:00:00
A further course will be arranged  on Saturday, the day of practicing in our
vocational training in Siófok. The education will be taken by sensei József
Kálóczi 4th dan master who is the head of the Instructor Board of Hungarian
Kyokushin Karate Association. The topic is:How can we prepare our disciples
for struggle on their exams, especially for endurence and precise fighting
technics. This discussion will be very useful for all of our trainers!

Sensei Kálóczi is on the right side of the picture

Sensei Sándor Lóki talked about these topics also in his fighting seminar on 14th May in Kecskemét. Sándor Lóki is one of sensei József Kálóczi's pupils. Mr. Lóki has a great part of arranging this further course. Also he helps to getting support from HEGYEM movement. Sensei Kálóczi is the instructor of HEGYEM movement and he established and lead BUDOKA dojo in Siófok. He works on a very high level so dojo in Siófok is very famous.

Similar course was taken by sensei Sándor Lóki s seminar in May

Instructor training Date: 11th June 2011, Saturday, 9-17 hours Location: Budoka dojo,(budoka.hu) Siófok (budoka.hu) Instructor: sensei József Kálóczi The education is on the first day of professional practice in our instructor course 2010-2011 Topic: preparing for fighting in exam situation Glove bagging or bandage and shin are highly recommended. Training fee will be payed by our Association so it is free for participants but they should organize travelling and eating for themselves. Map of the location is available on website. If you come from Budapest you have to turn left from road 7 where a board signs Aranypart to the right.

Sensei József Kálóczi educates childrens at HEGYEM movement

The practical course is part of the annual instructor training so it is required for that 5 person who are take part of it. We are very glad that a lot of our qualified instructors applied for this training. There is some vacancy so we can accept further applications. This traning for other applicants is not required, but it can be useful and recommended.

At ceremony of Award of Mol for Talents.