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News    -    2011

1st dan exam of Lajos Tálos
2011-07-05 15:00:00
Our dojo leader in Veszprém, senpai Lajos Tálos, the disciples of sensei Gábor
Várkonyi began the dan exam series in our Summer camp. The main characteristics
of his exam were precise, accurate execution, dynamic, focused implementation,
such as we expected anyway. He became the third black belt disciples of his

Atemi kata

Lajos started to learn ju jitsu 20 years ago, when he was 13 years old at sensei Gábor Várkonyi. At the end of the first, second and fourth year he passed the white, yellow and green belt degreee exam. Then 11 years passed when the blue belt exam took place in 2005. This may be suprising for many people, but it doesn't count excessively flagrant, we reported a case not so long ago, in which there was 20 years between two consecutive exams. People care for ju jitsu for lifelong - in a good case.

Hanbo kata

Lajos passed his brown belt exams in 2008 and 2009, that is why the dan exam could come this year. Sándor Donáth and Tünde Dinnyés became black belt formerly from Főnix dojo. Their coach - sensei Gábor Várkonyi - received 3 dan degree in this year's Summer Camp from soke István Kelemen for his outstanding professional work.

His uke was David Szilágyi

In the Hungarian Ju Jitsu Association soke Istvan Kelemen the director of Dan College and shihan Attila Kovács technical director taught all disciples for dan exams. Besides sensei Sándor Füvesi has the most disciples who fit for his five disciples for the black belt exam. Shihan László Berkes in the Tatami Centre has four, sensei József Kluka in Szentendre dojo has 3 black belt disciples, the Főnix dojo and sensei Gábor Várkonyi caught up this level now. However he will be able to send the new aspirants in the following years, this sequence will thoroughly change.

Spine tension

Lajos Tálos became independent this year, he opened his dojo in Veszprém, which is the 30th dojo in our association. He proved in his exam in the camp, that he has a very high level knowledge of Ju Jitsu and he worthy for own dojo and the independent education. We offer kindly for enquirers from Veszprém and its surroundings.

Choke with short stick

David Szilágyi was Lajos's uke in the exam, he had so much things to do in the camp, because his 1st kyu exam was two days later. He could be who will pass his dan exam in the immediate future from Főnix dojo. He was excellent uke, he assisted with his work for the high level of this exam. We congratulate both of them, his masters and his fellows too for the excellent exam! We proud of them and they are the worthy representative of Ju Jitsu and the association we bode a great future and a lots of good disciplines for them too!

András Márton also helped him in the two-man attack

All parts of the exam was very good: form exercises, technics, the nick and the fight. There was problem with the force break, because the first break, the break with seiken was not enough for snaping the board, so it had to repeat by hand again. There was a plenty of fighter, so Lajos and two other examinees had a lots of fights. He stood the fights from the first to the last and held his technics. His stamina was dynamic.

Three board break by hand

Lajos arrived an important part of his way, one section closed and a new begin. There is no doubt that the next period will be very interesting, exciting and full of with challenging.

Fight with András Márton

Soke István Kelemen gave him the black belt for the result of the last 20 years' hard work. Hereafter sensei Lajos Táltos will correspond in other new sections so we wish a lots of power and endurance for him.

Soke István Kelemen is belting the black belt for Lajos Tálos.