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News    -    2011

Fighting seminary of sensei Sándor Lóki
2011-11-15 00:00:00
We will organise a fighting seminary of sensei Sándor Lóki at Bányai dojo in
Kecskemét, on 14th of May. It will be the second event of this year's seminars.
Our trainer Kyokushin has 3rd dan grade in karate and he has 2nd dan grade in
ju jitsu and he has been doing martial arts for decades and with fight too. 

Sensei Sándor Lóki is in his 2nd dan ju jitsu exam

The seminary will be at Bányai dojo, on 14th of May - Saturday. The gym of Bányai Júlia Grammar School's address is 11 of Nyíri Road in Kecskemét. Trainings: between 10-12 hour and 13-15 hour. You can stay in school in break. Arrival: 9.15-10.00 This seminary is open, it is available not only for the memebers of Association, we are waiting for outsiders too. The fee of the seminary is 2.000 HUF for everyone.

After the form practice the techincs is presented in the exam

The seminar is an excellent opportunity to meet the theory and practice of standing fight and the best possibility for preparation of exam fights. Please bring the necessary accessories for fighting with you.

Breaking technic is one of the strongest points of sensei Sándor Lóki

Sensei Sándor Lóki is the leader one of the dojos of Kaposvár for one and a half decade. He has trained excellent disciples and fighters. Knowing his experience will be useful for all of us. His techniques are precise and accurate, he cultivates both martial arts at high level, and also, he is able to transmit his knowledge. We welcome everyone at the seminary. The experience of the Spring seminar is that next to the usual protective equipments (gloves, mouthguard, testicular protection, foot protection) is very important to have our wrap too! The report of the Sándor Lóki seminary in Spring you can read here.

Soke István Kelemen is passing the 2nd dan diploma

Sensei Sándor Lóki is at Jubilee Demonstration ...

... and his uke, his disciple is Kornél Horváth.