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News    -    2011

Fourth Monorierdő Friendship Cup
2011-04-20 00:00:00
Monorierdő Dojo is going to hold its fourth championship, the Friendship Cup
(Barátság Kupa) on 7th of May (Saturday). All of the previous championships 
were kept in good tone and they were the celebrations of ju jitsu. These 
smaller competitions are excellent ways for training, and for introduction
to new contestants. We gladly remember the earlier championships' familiar 
and friendly atmosphere. 

Photographs taken on former competitions...

Fourth Monorierdő Friendship Cup (Barátság Kupa) National Open Ju Jitsu Competition

Hold by the Junior Jujutsu Club (Ifjúsági Jujutsu Kör) 7 May 2011 (Saturday)
Organizer: Junior Jujutsu Club, Monorierdő Dojo Patron: Mayor Sándor Juhász Location: 43 Szabadság utca, Monorierdő Fekete István elementary school Check-in: 8:30am to 9:30am Pondering: from 9:45am Opening: 10am Announcement of results: from 15pm to 20pm Registration fee: 1200HUF for the first, and 800HUF for the additional entries Registration deadline: 3 May 2011 (Tuesday) Further informations: Péterné Füzesi +36-70-209-0546, ijk-jujutsu [at] freemail [dot] hu
Rules Self-defence (Kata Waza)
The competitors have to produce a kata in their own style representing the Japanese routine based on traditional and personal choreography. They can present traditional, classic Jujutsu Ryu exercises (following the traditional frame and ethics) and Contemporary Ju Jitsu practice, closer to today's man lifestyle. The competitors have to wear uniform proper to their style.Individual event scoring. Three referee judges, showing the scores to the competitors, for the public, and for the administrator. The administrator records it to the competition note and to the minute-book. Kids I: 2004-2002 (at most orange belt with stripe) Kids II: 2001-1999 (at most purple belt with stripe) Juniors: 1998-1996 (at most grey belt with stripe) Youths: 1995-1993 (beginner: yellow belt, advanced: from 5 kyu, green belt) Adults: 1992 and before (beginner: yellow belt, advanced: from 5 kyu, green belt)
Fighting (Tachi-Randori Waza)
This part is an individual struggling form, where the battleartists present their knowledge of face to face fight from standing position to ground fighting, they can show their specific technical practices. The right tactics and the stamina will decide the fate of the fight in 2 minutes. Within the 2 minute fight the battleartists should apply the technical practices, they have learned during the trainings (dobás throwing , lábsöprés sweeping, kiemelés, egyéb földrevitel, leszorítás, karfeszítés, karkulcs, fojtás choke). MiniKids: 2006-2005 22 kg, 22+ Kids I: 2004-2003 25 kg, 25+ Kids II: 2002-2001 32 kg, 37, 42, 42+ Juniors I: 2000-1999 35 kg, 41, 47, 47+ Juniors II: 1998-1997 40 kg, 47, 54, 54+ Youths I: 1996-1995 50 kg, 58, 64, 64+ Youths II: 1994-1993 60 kg, 68, 76, 84, 84+ Adults: 1992-1970 65 kg, 75, 85, 95, 105, 105+ Seniors: 1969 and before 65 kg, 75, 85, 95, 105, 105+
Everyone is welcomed by the organizers.

... trying to catch the atmosphere.