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News    -    2011

Grappling Hungarian Championship
2011-04-24 00:00:00
Our federation was represented by 10 competitors of 2 clubs. This championship
was organised by the Hungarian Glapping Federation - which was established this
year - in Csepel. We entered for two events, and tried to stand firm fairly and
achived a bright result. The Hungarian championship is a sorting competition for
the European Championship too. 

The championship was held in the Hall of Csepel SC

The Hungarian Ju Jitsu Association was represented by 10 competitors of Tatami Centrum and Dojo of Orosháza. Dávid Rácz is the discipline of sensei Sándor Füvesi from Orosháza, the trainers of the 9 competitors from Tatami Centrum were shihan László Berkes and sensei Sándor Fekete.

Sándor Lakatos in action in NoGi Junior 65 kg category

Ju Jitsu Orosháza: Dávid Rácz Junior korosztály 110 kg Gi and NoGi Tatami Centrum: András Szűcs Diák korosztály 45 kg Gi and NoGi Áron Jéga-Szabó Diák korosztály 40 kg Gi and NoGi Márk Göbölyös Diák korosztály 55 kg Gi and NoGi Arisztid Ditzendy Diák korosztály 45 kg Gi Botond Pataki Diák korosztály 40 kg Gi Kristóf Szűcs 'IronMan' Kadet korosztály 85 kg Gi and NoGi Sándor Lakatos 'ebihal' Junior korosztály 65 kg Gi and NoGi Károly Iván Junior korosztály 90 kg NoGi Sándor Szűcs Veterán A korosztály 110 kg Gi

Dávid Rácz in NoGi Junior Abszolút category

In order to have a sufficient number of opponents or the contraction our competitors started in other categories too. Altogether 10 competitors started in 23 registrations.

Andris Szűcs won the NoGi Serdülő 45 kg-os category

According to our estimation, 120-140 competitors started from about 30 clubs, average 2, altogether 250-300 registrations. It was the same number than last year, but the number of children were less and the number of adults were more. The participants of nogi event were duplex than Gi event, because a lot of wrestling clubs started.

Áron Jéga-Szabó and Botond Pataki against each other

Sports associations were appeared with great history this year, which had wrestling and judo department too, they started both events. The result of the Hungarian Championship is the most important thing for taking possession of starting right in an international competition. It is calculated with double factor next to the trial game. The trial game was on 13th of March in Dorog for adults, it will be on 24 of September in Érd for veterans. The gold medal will be distributed in the specific categories where only one competitor start, this indicates the qualification. It was the situation with our five registrations, we received gold medal without fight. András Szűcs NoGi Diák 45 kg Márk Göbölyös NoGi Diák 55 kg Dávid Rácz NoGi Junior 110 kg Kristóf Szűcs Gi Kadet 85 kg Dávid Rácz Gi Junior 110 kg

Arisztid Ditzendy won a Gi Diák 45 kg category

NoGi event was the first. Our results were the next: Áron Jéga-Szabó NoGi Diák 40 kg aranyérem András Szűcs NoGi Serdülő 45 kg aranyérem Márk Göbölyös NoGi Serdülő 60 kg nem jutott dobogóra Kristóf Szűcs 'IronMan' NoGi Kadet 85 kg aranyérem Sándor Lakatos 'ebihal' NoGi Junior 65 kg aranyérem Károly Iván NoGi Junior 90 kg ezüstérem Dávid Rácz NoGi Junior Abszolút aranyérem

Sándor Szűcs made the choking, that is why he managed to win.

The Gi event was at 3 o'clok. Our results: Botond Pataki Gi Diák 40 kg gold medal Áron Jéga-Szabó Gi Diák 40 kg silver medal András Szűcs Gi Diák 45 kg gold medal Arisztid Ditzendy Gi Diák 45 kg silver medal Márk Göbölyös Gi Diák 55 kg gold medal Sándor Lakatos 'ebihal' Gi Junior 65 kg gold medal Kristóf Szűcs 'IronMan' Gi Junior Abszolút gold medal Dávid Rácz Gi Junior Abszolút silver medal Kristóf Szűcs 'IronMan' Gi Felnőtt 90 kg brass medal Sándor Szűcs Gi Veterán A 110 kg gold medal Sándor Szűcs Gi Veterán Abszolút gold medal

Kristóf Szűcs in adult 90 kg started too and received brass medal.

The Hugarian Ju Jitsu Association received 17 Hunarian Championship Awards ( 12 with fight, 5 with subjective rights ) and four silver and one brass medal too.

The team of Hungarian Ju Jitsu Association