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News    -    2011

Spring National Exam Day - Review
2011-04-16 22:00:00
The three exam board and the large audience saw seven blue belt (3rd kyu), 
four brown belt (2nd kyu) and one brown belt with black stripe (1st kyu) 
exams on our spring National Exam Day (Országos Vizsganap). All of the 
exams were succesfull, congratulations to the examninees, and to their
instructors. The next national exam will be in our Summer Camp.

Csaba Balogh and József Antal taking their blue belt exam

The blue belt (3rd kyu) and the brown belt (2nd kyu) exams were at three different places and exam boards. Sensei István Ónodi and sensei Károly Seres were in one of these exam boards, where three jitsuka of the Szui Ryú dojo have taken their blue belt exam: József Antal, Csaba Balogh and Zoltán Sáfár.

Krisztian Petrucz and Roland Vincze taking their blu belt exam

Also two of the jitsukas of Szui Ryu dojo, Krisztian Petrucz and Roland Vincze have taken their exam at the second exam board. Sensei Éva Suhajda, shihan Attila Kovács and sensei Gábor Várkonyi have made certain about the examinees high level of their technical knowledge - which was emphasized by the Technical Director in his review. The exam of these five jitsukas were supported by the audience: the Szui Ryu dojo's female members, showing the enviable community of the dojo. Thanks for the excellent exams to sensei Károly Seres dojo leader, and his assistant sensei Éva Suhajda.

Péter Makula taking hist blue belt exam

Péter Makula and dr. Csaba Tóth, members of the Debrecen DRSE dojo have taken their exam in front of the third exam board: shihan László Berkes, sensei Kristóf J. Plébán and senpai László Gyüre. These exams were also excellent, the succesfull examinees have deservedly taken their diplomas.

dr Csaba Tóth taking his blue blet exam. Uke is István Márta

The next part were the 2nd kyu exams. The Márton brothers, Zoltán and András, members of the Főnix dojo were the first. They have already taken their brown belt outside of our Association, but showing their commendable huminity, they have taken all the exams inside our Association from the white belt to this day's brown belt.

András Márton and his brother Zoltán taking their brown belt (2nd kyu) exam

József Sáfár, deputy-leader of Hatvan's dojo was the next one. This day's oldest examinee proved in his exam, that he is worthy to wear the brown belt.

József Sáfár

Meanwhile Dénes Csányi, eminence of the dojo of Kiskunhalas, have taken his 2nd kyu exam in an exemplary way. His uke was Csaba Szilner. We thank senpai József Beck, leader of the dojo of Kiskunhalas, that he continuously prepares students to the 2nd kyu exam.

Dénes Csányi braking two pales with his leg

The day's unique 1st kyu exam were taken in front of the joind exam board. Róbert Döngölő, deputy-leader of the dojo of Sopron has taken his exam, hist uke was Zoltán Zámbó. Robi deservedly taker his diploma, he showed solid performance. The elements of the 1st kyu exam is the 90 percent of the 1st dan exam, we can righty expect that soon Robi will come to his dan exam.

Róbert Döngölő strugling with Csaba Balogh

Thanks to the coaches of the examinees: sensei Károly Seres and sensei Éva Suhajda (Szui Ryú dojo), sensei Gábor Várkonyinak (Főnix dojo), sensei Kristóf J. Plébán and senpai László Gyüre(DRSE dojo), sensei Gábor Kovács(dojo of Hatvan), sensei István Takácsnak (dojo of Sopron), senpai József Becknek (dojo of Kiskunhalas), for preparing their students for the successfull exams.

Shihan Attila Kovács Technical Director congratulates to the successfull examinees

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