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News    -    2011

2010 Summary
2011-01-02 00:00:00
The Hungarian Ju Jitsu Association celebrated its 25th anniversary. In April
we arranged an appointment in dojo in Madách Square. This place was the
legendary dojo of the founder of our association, soke István Kelemen for 15
years. It is no question that this place had a great impact to ju jitsu in
Hungary, most of our masters and dojo's leaders taught here. It was very
interesting to see how changed the dojo and the jitsukas who trained long
time ago there, a number of persons met at this meeting after a whole decade.

Meeting at dojo in Madách Square

We celebrated the anniversary in summer in the Jubilee Summer Camp. Our Association takes Summer Camp in every summer, the spot was again, the well-tried Bungalow Park in Balatonfenyves. Besides the ordinary programmes we organized a Jubilee Day on 30th July. On this day we presented the Jubilee Album of the Association, had a Jubilee Exhibition in Mátyás Király High School in Fonyód and at the end of the day took a banquet in the Camp.

Soke István Kelemen teaches in the Summer Camp

We invited foreign masters for our meetings who we had closer relationship with. So they were with us: soke Vlado Schmidt, shihan Günter Painter, soke Franz Strauss, kancho Rony Kluger, shihan Angelo Balconi in behalf of shike Giacomo Spartaco Bertoletti, soke Auvo Niiniketo and shihan Risto Vantar, shihan Ronen Eliyahu, shihan Eyal Cohen, shihan George Chivaran. The leader of Nihon Bu-Do Kuniba Kai International, soke Kozo Kuniba was the guest of honor of our event.

Rony Kluger awards Senior Master of Ju Jitsu Diploma to István Kelemen

Our celebration was honored also by coming of the supporter Hungarian masters: János Hajdú brigadier general, György Popper president of IBSSA, International Bodyguard and Security Services Association, hanshi István Adámy who is the technical director of International Budo Kai, shihan Gábor Kurdi vice-president of Hungarian Karate Association, shihan Gábor Lovász who is the technical leader of Hungarian Kempo Association and technical inheritor of soke Ferenc Juhász, sifu György Váradi head of the Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu School and technical inheritor of sifu Richárd Tix.

Sensei dr. Mihály Szacsky gets the 5th dan level

Those masters were guests of honor of our event also who had the largest part of founding Hungarian Ju Jitsu Association: sensei dr. Mihály Szacsky leader of Historical War-games Club and sensei Ferenc Gyebnár header of Mélyépterv SE. Soke István Kelemen gave 5th dan level to both of them on the occasion of Jubilee and thanked their helping job.

We had already worn the new Kelemen Ryu emblems on the Jubilee Exhibition

In 2009 and 2010 was founded the separate Ryu, Ju Jitsu school of soke István Kelemen (also in formal because it has been working since 1980) called Hangari Ju Jitsu Kelemen Ryu. In 2009 our master got the title of soke and the 9th dan level in 2010. In that year the school was registrated as a separated Ryu in Japan. The official registration was controlled and handled by the president of WJJKO shike Giacomo Spartaco Bertoletti and soke Kozo Kuniba who is the leader of Nihon Bu-Do Kuniba Kai International.

István Kelemen gets the 9th dan level from master soke Kozo Kuniba

After a few years we started again the education of instructors however it was clear that we could continue that if we found the Professional Association. Usually we have two meetings for instructors per year but in 2010 we took more. Soke István Kelemen trained again on these meetings. This year worthy for Jubilee there were nine successful dan exams: sensei Éva Suhajda, sensei Éva Papp, sensei Márta Földházi, sensei Éva Daru, sensei Béla Kubinyi passed the exam for getting 2nd dan level; Judit Hosszú, Sándor Fekete, György Tóth, Csaba Bélteczki got the 1st dan level. The kyu exams happened in reminiscent feeling: there were lots of people and very high quality. Belt material seminars of shihan Attila Kovács, who is our Technical Director, just raised this level of quality and everybody liked it more than ever.

The first dandiploma of Kelemen Ryu

It was a unique in the history of our association that an outsider club was integrated into the association, Monorierdő dojo became member of it. Besides this dojo, three more dojos were opened in Nagykanizsa, Orosháza, and Hódmezővásárhely. It is called Zanshin Dojo. Association has 27 dojos all together with these new ones in every part of the country. In the face of economical crisis the numbers of association even grew in a rejoicing way. There are more than 50 masters and our connection and membership with JJIF and AGFIS/Sportaccord was resolved. In 2010 we organized lots of successful exhibitions with helping hand of coach sensei Károly Seres. We prepared for the biggest event of the year, of high standard Jubilee Exhibition, with his leading also. We took part in the traditional National Martial Arts Exhibition in Kecskemét, and in the event of Szigeti Sportvarázs. We appeared more times in Sporttemple too. Our Association's show participated in celebrating of Hungarian Wado-Ryu 30-year anniversary.

David Kiss wins with armbar in the I. Ju Jitsu Fight championship

Former competitions with long tradition were organized again: 11th Hirös and 16th Kecskemét Cup (which became international), as well as 5th and 6th Ground Fighting Competition. Besides these competitions new MMA competition system was introduced by István Ónodi, called Ju Jitsu Fight. Its popularity and recognition is getting increased. Friendship Cup in Monorierdő is developing also. We took Memorial Competittion for memory of our friend, deceased Norbert Rohács in Hatvan. These events contribute to keeping leadership and prestige of our Association in strongly changed environment around us. Our competitors were successful also in competitions of other associations. Because of the Jubilee we appeared in media more than usual: in February at RTL's morning show, in April at ATV's Jamlight, in October HírTv's Befutó. Soke István Kelemen gave interviews and leader masters presented technical shows. Sport1Tv made a summery of Jubilee Camp in August. Our website developed in a very good way and now it is up-to-date.

soke István Kelemen gives interview at RTL Klub Morning Show

Dojo supporter program was started and worked strongly: there are 100 pieces of tatamis in our dojos, we started to lay out into dojos a huge amount of equipment (shields, bags, hook and jab pads, gloves, body savers and other equipments for training). In financing HEGYEM Foundation's supporting helps us a lot and we would like to thank in this way also. These processes and events make our association stronger in 2010, it is no question that we have leadership in national Ju Jitsu life. It is still the engine of developing in rapidly changing world. We look confidently for 2011 and the results motivate us to harder work.