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News    -    2011

Shows in February
2011-02-02 00:00:00
We have two shows in February:

- on 5th in Budapest in SportMax Eventcenter, on the Gala of HEGYEM movement
The organizer of the show is coach sensei Károly Seres.

-on 19th in Kecskemét the 11th International Martial Arts Exhibition 
The organizer of the show is president shihan László Berkes.

Presentation in Szigeti Sportvarázs last year

Gala of Hegyem Movement
The hosts of this great event will be Csilla Pártos and Zsolt Erdei, organized by Martial Arts for Healty Kids Public Non-profit Ltd on 5h February. This NGO would like to show much kindness to children, kids show their respect to the supporter with little performances and hundreds of smiles as well. The event takes several hours and there will be sport and music on this party. Five hundreds children, famous artists, programs, concerts, well-packed gifts and heartfelt thanks, smiling Csilla Pártos and Zsolt Erdei - besides these things Hegyem-party offers thousands of colorful surprises for all participants. Date: 5th February 2011 Arriving time for kids 11:00 a.m.Gala starts at noon. Location: Sportmax Hegyvidék Rendezényközpont 14-16th Csörsz street 1123 Budapest Entering only with invitation card!

Show in the 10th International Martial Arts Exhibition in 2010

11th International Martial Arts Exhibition
Location: Ferenc Erdei Cultural Center, Kecskemét Date: 19th February 2011 Saturday 2 p. m. Price of admission is 500 Huf. Nanbudo: Selected International Team, leader: doshu-soke Yoshinao Nanbu Aikido: Hungarian Kobayashi Dojos' Association Judo: Judo Club Kecskemét (KJC) Capoeira: Group of Associacao de Capoeira Bracos Fortes in Kecskemét Kung-fu: White Lotus Society Ju-Jitsu: Tatami Centrum Everybody is welcome!