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News    -    2016

Fifth place at the Junior Ju Jitsu World Cup!
2016-03-20 00:00:00

Report of Gábor Kovács: The U21 Junior JJIF World Cup was held between 18-20 March, 2016 in Madrid. Four Hungarian competitor (Botond Pataki, Bence Skáfár, Máté Gálik, András Szűcs) and two deputies (Gábor Kovács, Sándor Lakatos) have participated at the event. Their travel was sponsored by the Hungarian Ju Jitsu Association.

We travelled on the morning of the first day, and took a transfer (provided by the organizers) to our accommodation. After taking our hotel rooms, we accredited to the competition and we gave our competition gis to the usual check and sewing.

On the first day of the competition, we took a transfer to the location: we got to know the hall, the atmosphere and the schedule of the competition. During the afternoon and evening we were getting ourselves prepared to the next day, and we also did the weigh-ins.

Botond Pataki entered in the Newaza 62 kg category with 25 participants, Máté Gálik and Bence Skáfár in the Newaza 69 kg with 22 participants, András Szűcs in the Newaza 77 kg category with 20 participants. The World Cup was U21, that means that participants were born between 1995 and 2000 (including the boundaries). This was the first time that our competitors entered, and they belonged to the younger generation.

Botond Pataki lost the first fight, so he ended up in the repechage, where he won three times and then lost one more time. Bence Skáfár won his first fight against a black belt Panaman competitor. After this one lost game, then winning in repechage, then losing again. So these two guys could not be in the best eight in their category.

Andris Szűcs won with a clear victory, and finished the fights with two lost games. Máté Gálik could reach the best place: after three victories, he was fighting for entering the finals against a French competitor - unfortunately lost with one point. In the evening, during the third place payoff, he was degraded because of the usage of forbidden technique, so he finished at a shared fifth place.

Their achievements can be seen as a great result, since the competitors are getting prepared with the National Judo team, supported by the olympic sports. The team led by Sándor Lakatos finished at a point-gaining place in the world ranking! Thank you for the support of the Association!