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News    -    2016

Our delegation travelled to Rome to the WJFF congress...
2016-06-20 16:00:00
On 11 and 12 of June, the delegation of the Hungarian Ju Jitsu Association, 
led by soke István Kelemen, travelled to Rome to the WJFF congress.
Sensei was accompanied by Shihan Károly Seres and Shihan Gábor Csicsman 5th 
dan masters.

The event started with trainings in the morning, and ended with an award 
ceremony and banquet in the evening.
Soke István Kelemen 10th dan master, president of the Hungarian Ju Jitsu 
Association and founder of the Hangari Ju Jitsu Kelemen Ryu; and Soke Auvo 
Niiniketo 10th dan master, president of the Finnish Ju Jitsu Association 
and founder of the Hokutoryu Ju Jitsu, at the height of the award ceremony 
handed the honorable 10th dan level certificate to master Shike Giacomo 
Spartaco Bertoletti, president of the World Ju Jitsu Federation and World 
Ju Jitsu Kobudo Organization.
In the name of our association we would like to congratulate him again…

At last, let me quote master Kelemen, who saluted master Bertoletti on the 
occasion of his 10th dan with the following lines:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Guests and Budokas!
On this illustrious day we are honoring the 40th jubilee of the foundation 
of the WJJF-WJJKO. At the same time, we express our respect to our founding 
fathers, especially to deceased soke Robert Clark, who unfortunately cannot 
be here with us, and to the president, shike Giacomo Spartaco Bertoletti 
for his 40 years of work, that was balanced between the tatami and 
Hungarian ju jitsu has approximately the same age as the World Association. 
The Hungarian Ju Jitsu Association, of which I am a founder myself, and my 
school, the Hangari Ju Jitsu Kelemen Ryu would not exist without these two 
men. At least it would not be what it represents: this loyalty, morality 
and ethics, the high-level  technique, the physical strength, and last but 
not least the knowledge of fighting on the battlefield and in life as well, 
steadfastly. I came from a country where a quarter century ago there was 
a dictatorship, and we needed to found the bases of ju jitsu in that 
The communist ideology was present in each of the areas of life, so the ju 
jitsu practitioners, dressed in white vestment, was really suspicious for 
the authority. In the middle of the seventies, G.S. Bertoletti was already 
trying to find contact with us, but back then, he could reach "only" the 
judo people. Our first personal meeting happened around the second half of
 the seventies. Though back then, as a no-name beginner, I was only 
 admiring those techniques that seemed so unreachable even in my dreams. In 
 our more or less closed world we did not have the possibility to develop 
 and learn. This was the time when we turned to our friend Spartaco, who 
 helped us arrange a travel to England, and learn at the headquarter of 
 WJJF from master Robert Clark personally. This opportunity had an impact 
 on my whole life. I have decided that I will devote my life to learning 
 and teaching ju jitsu, and that I will keep on training myself until I 
 become such a charismatic master as soke Clark. A master and organizer, 
 a diplomat, such as shike Bertoletti. I can only hope that master Clark 
 from Heaven, and master Bertoletti here are satisfied with what I 
 achieved, who I became, and what Hungarian ju jitsu means today.
This illustrious day must be about the founders! When I mention what did 
I reach, I am admiring the founding masters, because without them, I am 
not sure that it would have succeeded. What? Let's see…
1.	I have been practicing my favorite martial art, ju jitsu for more 
40 years.
2.	The Hungarian Ju Jitsu Association, of which I am a founding 
was founded 30 years ago, and it did not split into a thousand parts, it 
only became bigger by time.
3.	A quarter century ago I started a security business, that is 
related to ju jitsu, that has been functioning since then and gives job 
for nearly 1500 people.
4.	I have been training the special forces of police in Hungary and 
abroad as well for more than three decades. Currently, as a trainer for 
the Counter Terrorism Centre I am training the counterterrorism forces of 
EU members under the ATLAS network.
5.	Mediated and recommended by shike Bertoletti, I am able to have my 
school, the Hangari Ju Jitsu Kelemen Ryu.

I am at the fifth point in my list, but there are many more things in my 
life that have their roots in the seventies. All this is due to the support 
of an Italian man, a budo master, an excellent sport diplomat, who nowadays 
refers to me - very respectfully - in his letters as a "special friend".
Forty years is a long time, and during this time we have also had some 
disagreements, but our friendship was never doubted. You had to make 
decisions as the leader of a huge organization, while I was responsible 
"only" for my ju jitsu. This experience has also helped me to form my own 
company, Testőr Ltd., in order to be financially independent from ju jitsu. 
Therefore I had the chance to decide in professional decisions with less 
compromise. I am glad that there have not been as many burdens on my 
shoulder as on yours, decisions that you needed to make - and sometimes 
you could not identify yourself with these, especially when granting ranks 
and awards. We say this as "the loneliness of the captain".

Honored Shike! My dear friend, Spartaco!
Let me express my gratitude for the past forty years in the name of the 
Hungarian Ju Jitsu Association, the Hangari Ju Jitsu Kelemen Ryu and the 
Hungarian jitsukas!
Our deepest congratulations for your 10th dan level!
It is an honor for me to be here at this event, and as part of your 
laudation I can hand you over your 10th dan level and my personal gift, 
that are both the signs of honor and appreciation!
We all know that you practice the art of the steel on a very high level!
You know my school and my work, where the knife, as an offensive and 
defensive tool has an advantaged role. My gift is the visualization of 
this duality. It is not a sword and not a wakizashi. Either a knife or a 
dagger. It has all of these a little. It was designed, wrought and engraved 
for you!

May it carry and propagate your virtues!

May you have a long life on the tatami, in health, surrounded by many 
students and even more friends!


Soke István Kelemen 10th dan
Hangari Ju Jitsu Kelemen Ryu
Rome, 10. June 2016