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News    -    2016

First Kelemen Ryu Seminar…
2016-06-15 15:00:00
We held our first - but hopefully tradition-forming - Kelemen Ryu Seminar 
on 27 May 2016 , Friday with the leadership of soke István Kelemen in the 
Szui Ryú Dojo, that is functioning in the hall of Super Gym, 1081 Budapest, 
Rákóczi street 57., under the name of Shihan Károly Seres 5th dan master.

Almost 50 members of the Hungarian Ju Jitsu Association participated at 
the seminar. Not only several 
Representing the Hungarian Sport Ju Jitsu Federation, we could welcome not 
only several prestigious leaders, but also Dr. Richárd Miklós Gulyás, 
president, and Zoltán Hernádi, vice-president of the Federation.

The first part of the training, one and a half hours were led by shihan 
Károly Seres.

During the second part, we could enjoy the technically challenging training 
of soke István Kelemen, recalling the friendly, but really hard-working 
atmosphere of the legendary dojo of Madách street. Our master taught us 
the practical techniques of the Kelemen Ryu Ju Jitsu, their mechanism, the 
possibilities of transition between certain techniques, and also how to 
apply them in street situations.

We plan to hold the Kelemen Ryu Seminar on the last Friday of every month, 
so on the 24th of July, you will have the chance again to learn from soke 
István Kelemen. We will let you know about the details later.

Shihan Károly Seres 5th dan

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