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News    -    2015

June 6, 2015 – Jubilee day – NEW DATE!
2015-01-08 11:00:00

Dear Fellow Sportsmen, Jitsukas! The Hungarian Ju Jitsu Association will celebrate several jubilees in 2015. In honor of this, we will organise an outstanding event on June 6, 2015 (Saturday) at the Budaörs City Sports hall (BVUSS Sport Center). We are going to celebrate four major numbers: these are number 5, 30, 40 and number 60. Five years ago, Hangari Ju Jitsu Kelemen Ryu was recognised as an independent style in Japan. Thirty years ago, the Hungarian Ju Jutsi Association was registered as an organisation at the registry court. It has been fourty years since Ju Jitsu exists in Hungary under the name of István Kelemen, and, last but not least, our founding master, soke István Kelemen is sixty years old, without whom any of this would have been possible. Application process (for active jitsukas): Application with the instructors. You need to possess a valid Budo-Pass (where we put the stamp of the event and where the payment of the association membership fee for 2015 is confirmed. If it is not in your pass yet, the certification of the instructor’s membership list is sufficient). All the instructors should collect the list of applicants and send it to István Ónodi, to the sityuonodi@gmail.com address. Also, please bring the list to the instructors’ camp on February 28. The list must contain the jitsuka’s name, birth date, belt rank, date of membership and the number of his/her budo-pass. The number of participants is limited! If the number of applicants exceeds the limit, candidates with higher belt rank and longer membership will be preferred when choosing the final participants. The participation is valid only after a confirmation that we send to the instructor until March 31. The schedule of the program is under construction, but you will receive the final version on time. What we already know is that arrival will be from 8:00 and the event will last until at least midnight. Among the programs there will be common trainings, lunch, swimming pool, a formal event (speeches, film screening, performance and other shows), dinner and a dance party until midnight. The clothing needed is a clean gi with patches, swimwear (and swim cap) for the swimming pool and a formal outfit to the formal evening. The event is free of charge! (The programs and the meals as well!) Dear Fellow Sportsmen! There is no event like this; therefore, I am asking you – especially the advanced students and masters – to consider the participation mandatory. We prefer the application of those who are able to attend the whole event, meaning that they can stay from eight in the morning until the end of the evening. It is especially important because this demonstration of the association’s power shows the exemplary unity to the world; because the association wishes to celebrate this extraordinary family of the jitsukas; and because it offers huge amount of money and energy to this exceptional ceremony. We would like all the participants to feel this thought as his own. Application of inactive (ex-)jitsukas: If a former jitsuka reads this, or you know someone who would like to participate in the event as an ex-jitsuka, they need to apply by writing an email to István Ónodi to the sityuonodi@gmail.com address. Their application will be valid after a confirmation. Of course, participating in the trainings is not obligatory for them. Spectators, friends, family and jitsukas exceeding the limit are welcome on the stands. They are not entitled to meal tickets, but are allowed to watch everything and to participate in the closing party. If you have any questions, feel free to email us. Attila Kovács: jujitsu@jujitsu.hu István Ónodi: sityuonodi@gmail.com Osu, Attila Kovács