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News    -    2015

Thirtieth Summer Jubilee International Training Camp, heralding
2015-01-07 09:00:00

Dear Fellow Sportsmen, Friends! Hereby we invite you to our Thirtieth Jubilee Camp, that our association will organise in the summer of 2015. Date: July 25 (Saturday) – July 29 (Wednesday) (5 days, 4 nights) Arrival: by 9 a.m. (from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.: opening of the camp and training) Accommodation: Hotel Eger & Park ****, 2-4 bed rooms with bathroom (3300 Eger, Szálloda street 1-3. Website: www.hotelegerpark.hu) It is a premium category wellness hotel, check it out! Meals: breakfast – lunch – dinner (first day starts with lunch, last day ends with dinner) Training: locally, in the conference halls of the hotel Price: For members of the Association: 55 000 Ft/person (training only: 4000 Ft/person/day) For non-members: 300 Euro/person (training only: 120 Euro/person) Application: until June 1, 2014, by paying 50% of the fee to the account of the Association: OTP 11732002-20389183 BIC (SWIFT) CODE: OTPVHUHB IBAN: HU21 11732002 20389183 00000000 Instructors: Soke István Kelemen 9th dan Founder, president of the Association and the Dan College, shihan Attila Kovács 6th dan Technical Director, other invited foreign masters and the instructors of our Association. Programmes: Professional: trainings, exams Leisure: unlimited use of the hotel’s own fitness and wellness centre, also there will be possibility to play your favourite pub games in the hotel: darts, billiard, bowling; collective activities in the castle, closing banquet on Friday evening. Everybody is welcome! Soke István Kelemen