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News    -    2015

Dr. Richárd Leyrer has passed away
2015-01-06 12:00:00
This year, 2015 is the jubilee year of the Hungarian Ju Jitsu Association, 
therefore I would have liked to share some thoughts and my warm wishes with 
you. Unfortunately, life interfered in a quite dramatic way.
I received the shocking notice around noon on January 3, Saturday that Dr. 
Richárd Leyrer, Vice-President of the Hungarian Olympic Committee, President 
of the Hungarian Kickboxing Federation and Vice-President of WAKO has passed 
away tragically. He lived 66 years.
This is it – what should one know about him?
Only a few know that he was part of the first attempts of ju jitsu as well. 
We made the first (official) steps under the aegis of the kick-box Committee 
in the beginning of the eighties, and this was the time when I got to know 
him better. He was not a simple man – his resoluteness was on the border of 
aggressiveness, but this stubbornness has led Hungarian kick-box to the 
forefront of the world. He had one of the sharpest minds in this sport, 
among those many sports leaders that I have met. (Behind his back, we used 
to call him ’Brainy Ricsi’.) I met him as a police officer, but he also 
worked as an editor of a newspaper and later he ran a similar enterprise to 
mine (Testőr Ltd.) in the private security market. His death touched me not 
only because of losing a colleague, but also because I would have needed his 
help now as well. We talked personally before Christmas about business and 
we agreed to talk over the issues of ju jitsu at the beginning of this year. 
As the Vice-President of the Hungarian Olympic Committee who is responsible 
for the non-olympic sports, he was an authentic source for me. He indicated 
that he would prefer to see the future of our ju jitsu under the aegis of 
Sporaccord. He was trying to help us in our – not easy - coordination 
between the Sportaccord, the WJJF-WJJKO and the WJJC. (In this matter, he 
was truly irreplaceable – even if this sounds a bit selfish in the mourning 
We worked together on the Sports Gala of the Counter Terrorism Center and on 
Budó Gala as well. He planned to introduce the K1, kick-box, Muai Thai full 
contact finals to our ceremony in 2015.
A remarkable life ended with his death. We begin the New Year without a 
significant person of the national and international sports diplomacy and 
private security sector. What he left behind is intransigency, resoluteness 
and endurance.
On behalf of the Hungarian Ju Jitsu Association, I would like to express my 
deepest condolences to the family members and to the Hungarian Kick-Box 
Goodbye, Ricsi!
Soke István Kelemen