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News    -    2015

Bronze medal at the JJIF World Championship
2015-11-23 00:00:00
Two competitors represented our nation on the JJIF World Championship in 
Thailand, between 20-22 November. Kristóf Szűcs gained a bronze medal in 
the 94 kg category of Newaza, and Sándor Lakatos finished in the final 8, 
after winning two games in the 69 kg category of Newaza. Congratulations!

There are three competition categories on the World Championship: Duo, Fighting and Newaza. In Duo system, the competing duo (pair) presents a rehearsed, memorized choreography. The Fighting system is a one-to-one, with attacks with arms and legs, also ground fighting in gloves. The Newaza is a one-to-one ground technique.

Altogether, 53 nations participated in the championship - Hungary only in the Newaza category. There were 6 weight categories: 62 kg, 69 kg, 77 kkg, 85 kg, 94 kg, 94+ kg. In the 94 kg category there were 19 competitors, in the 69 kg there were 26. In all the weight categoriese, four medals were given, with two third places.

Since there were no belt levels, a competitor could easily get an opponent with black belt. During the fight, it is compulsory to wear blue or red belt, but at the award ceremony, everyone can wear his or her own. For us, the most interesting outcome was that the Ju Jitsu association of the United Arab Emirates (dealing with BJJ) is working together with the JJIF, they provided almost all of the Newaza judge.

The reason is most likely that both of the organizations would like to see Jitsu as an Olympic sport, and its chance grows the highest if they cooperate. At the World Championship, we experienced the negative side of this, namely that the judges helped the Arabic competitors.

During our first Newaza World Championship, we gained a lof of experiences, we showed ourselves, also brought results, but we still need to develop! Thank you for the opportunity!