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News    -    2015

Summary of the 30th Jubilee International Training Camp, 2015
2015-08-25 10:00:00
Our thirtiest Jubilee Summer International Ju Jitsu Camp ended on July 29, 
Wednesday, with approximately 170 participants. The camp was held at a new
place, in Eger, in the Hotel Eger & Park Wellness Hotel. If this summary 
could be only one sentence, I would write this: "Those who stayed home 
should regret doing so!"
We could say that this year"s camp was a thematic one as well, since we 
emphasized professionalism again.
On the first day, right after arriving and the camp opening ceremony, the
Hangari Ju Jitsu Kelemen Ryu followed, when soke István Kelemen, shihan 
Károly Seres and shihan Gábor Csicsmann showed and explained the 
peculiarities of our style.
In the afternoon training, ground fighting elements were in focus with the
leadership of sensei Sándor Fekete, multiple BJJ and Grappling world and 
European champion, and Pan-American winner.
The Ju Jitsu of Nations was represented by Kari Lehtonnen 4th dan Finnish 
master of Hokutoryu, who held a training on the second day (Sunday) with 
the masters of the Kelemen Ryu: shihan Gábor Várkonyi, shihan István Ónodi
and shihan Gábor Csicsmann.
On Sunday afternoon the dan exams were held, when Ferenc Kudliman applied 
for first, Csaba Szeifert applied for second dan exam. . Ferenc Kudliman
has passed successfully the first dan exam, we congratulate the new sensei.
I have to talk about the exam of Csaba Szeifert separately, because Csaba 
took an extremely good and well-prepared exam, therefore the Soke, in 
accordance with the other members of the committee, Csaba and his uke,
sensei Krisztián Tata were nominated to the honourable third dan level. 
We would like to congratulate them!
On Monday, besides Soke István Kelemen and shihan Attila Kovács also 
shihan Károly Seres, shihan István Ónódi and Csaba Tóth were instructing 
on the morning trainigs. On Tuesday, sensei Kari Lehtonen, shihan Kristóf 
Plébán and Dr. István Takács also joined them.
According to our traditions, we held an evening training in the topic of 
kobudo with the leadership of Günther Painter, Austrian master, who
instructed techniques with weapons during three nights for our students.
The fighting trainings could not be missed either. On our trainings on 
Monday and Tuesday afternoon kick box, K1 and "TEKfight" were instructed
by sports icons such as Attila Karacs, multiple Hungarian and European K1
champion and Jenő Novák, multiple Hungarian and world kick box champion,
those "fighter heart", temper and stamina is legendary amongst K1, 
kick-bo and thai box lovers.
In addition, Kelemen master and Attila Karacs - taking advantage of this 
rare occasion of being together - instructed, trained the instructors of 
the Ryu TEK during several days.
The location, accommodation, wellness were excellent, just like the meals 
- both in its location and quality. Real weight gain diet…
According to our traditions, our camp closed with a banquet and karaoke 
party with dinner, in an incredibly beautiful conference room.
Hereby I would like to thank to sensei Árpád Kalmár and the Totalfittnesz 
Sportpromotion their work, and that they contributed to have this nice 
and high-standard location for our camp.
Thank you Árpi,

Attila Kovács 7th dan

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